Thursday, July 24, 2014

Railroad War Art -- 1944 -- History YNP

Excuse our weird title today. We are trying to think about how someone might search for this image. It's a cool vintage railroad advertisement with some well done art featuring Mt Rainier. This ad was published in 1944 by the Milwaukee Road (MR). The MR is no longer in existence, most of the western rails were pulled in the 1980s after the line declared bankruptcy. The MR is what is referred to by railfans as a "fallen flag". Back in the mid-twentieth century there were only three major railroads using a northern transcontinental route to serve the Pacific Northwest: Milwaukee Road, Northern Pacific, and the Great Northern. The latter two have survived but are now parts of modern, mostly freight, railroads. Of the three railroads, the MR had, arguably, the most scenic route, and was simply before its time by using electric power for much of the line from Montana to Western Washington. To make a long story longer, the MR was one of only five railroads that could claim they were providing service to Yellowstone National Park. (They were the Northern Pacific to Gardiner (previously Cinnabar), Montana; the MR to Gallatin Gateway, Montana; the Union Pacific to West Yellowstone, Montana; the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy (commonly known as the Burlington) to Cody, Wyoming; and the Chicago and Northwestern via central Wyoming.) So, to summarize, if you're going to collect memorabilia with two key elements: railroads and Yellowstone Park, you'll need to focus on The Milwaukee Road.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Welcome Stranger - Montana Highway Patrol (1920s?)

We enjoyed this find out of the 1920s ... although we are not certain of an exact date.  Surely it is from the time when cars were first using the highways and travel between states was beginning.  Enlargements below, hopefully you can read it ...

This item doesn't really fit into any of the categories of interest stated in John's Profile, but when you're looking for vintage items to add to a collection you're going to come across some interesting items like this that do not fit exactly. Of course, these things raise questions. Did all states publish something like this and where were these things distributed?

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colorful Old Railroad Advertisement

We love the art on these old ads!

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Update --- Pics from yesterday's walk ...

802 Seneca
New tower under construction nearby

Flowers more blue than the blue sky
on a blue-sky day.

Blue buds

Monday, July 21, 2014

Great Domes on the Great Northern

"The Great Northern Railway is an engineering masterpiece blessed by some of
the most wonderful scenery in America." --- John would agree.

Its Empire Builder glides past towering Rocky Mountains in Glacier National Park ... along jade rivers and white-capped Puget Sound ... through the forested Cascades ... on its super-scenic trail between Chicago and Seattle.  This old advertisement from Budd, the company that built rail cars, is probably from the 1950s.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Doctor Ordered Potatoes - 1928

Early American passenger railroads tried everything they could think of to improve business. Since many trips required multiple days one thing they could focus on was a pleasurable dining experience. The Northern Pacific became famous for its “Great Big Baked Potato”.  So, it’s not surprising that in late 1928 they printed up 50,000 little pamphlets called “What the Doctor Ordered”. It was all about potatoes. They probably handed these out in the dining cars. Here is the copy in our collection …

24 Tested Recipes for Serving Northwest Potatoes

Farming Potatoes

Statements That Potato is Fat-Producing Are
Why Potatoes Should Be a Part of the Menu
Here are a couple of recipes from the pamphlet. If you try them we hope you will come back and tell us about the results!

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Update – Recent Contributions

We have neighbors who keep an eye on John’s Island and give us encouraging comments when we see them out and around in the real world. Recently they shared two photos with the OK to post them on the Island. We enjoyed these photos and think you will too.

First, sunset on July 13th.  The evening was enchanted by this unusually colorful scene.

Second, a flower seen while out on a city walk.

We thank our neighbors for sharing the photos and hope to see more.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Art of Winold Reiss - Julia Wades In The Water

John loves the color on this one.
If you are wondering why the Native American art was featured by the railroad ... The Pacific Northwest was home to many tribes before the arrival of the white man. Politically, this is a controversial topic, even today. Since the Great Northern Railway served this part of America it makes us happy that there was appreciation of Native Americans by the railroad.  The GN, particularly, served Glacier National Park, and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation adjoins the Park. This art work was popular when it was initially introduced, remains so today, and is valued by collectors.

We started this series of posts featuring the art of Winold Reiss here.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Yellowstone Very Old Photos by Haynes [Part 4]

This is Part 4 (of 4) ... Very Old Photos of Yellowstone Park by Haynes Photo.  Please read our description in Part 1 here.

4157 -- Hot Springs Cone -- Yellowstone Lake
(Catch a fish in the lake, swing around, cook in the Hot

4161 -- Elk -- Hayden Valley in Winter

4162 -- Rapids above Upper Falls

4102 -- Upper Falls of the Yellowstone

4164 -- Grand Canyon from the Brink

4165 -- Great Falls of the Yellowstone

4167 -- Point Lookout and the Great Falls

(no number) Great Falls of the Yellowstone

4168 -- Inspiration Point from Grand View

4101 -- Eagle Nest Rock Gardiner Canyon
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