Friday, June 2, 2017

Ships, Skies, Spelling and More

Recent Maritime Snaps
Cosco Shipping
Cosco Europe departing Seattle
May 24th  6:59 AM
We like the "wake"

Hapag Lloyd
Tokyo Express at anchor
May 25th  5:48 AM

Another view of the Tokyo Express at anchor
earlier date May 22nd  9:58 AM
Note: When anchored a ship swings around depending on tidal flow.

Emerald Princess at Pier 91 just before departure
May 28th  5:01 PM
Note the crowds of cruisers at the rails on upper deck.

Earlier view of Emerald Princess with
Holland America's Oosterdam behind on
May 28th
Note the Flags which are flown only while in Port

Holland America Oosterdam
Arriving Seattle May 28th  5:44 AM
This is our view looking to the west over
Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Ikara Container Vessel
Arriving Seattle June 1st  5:51 AM
We like the clean look of the hull.

Hapag Lloyd Santos Express
Departing Seattle June 1, 2017  6:21 AM
Anyone wanting to recommend any maritime sites for us to watch, please do so in a comment!

Full Flower Moon
May 9th  5:22 AM

May 4th  8:13 PM
Pleasant evening sky.
May 4th  8:31 PM
Zoomed out fully to give an overview
of the somewhat earlier shot above.

May 9th  4:56 AM
Moonlight on Puget Sound
just before dawn.

Ususual but it does happen.
Parasailing over Puget Sound.
May 14th  12:16 PM
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Trains ... 70 Years Ago

For fellow railfans, June is a good month to look back 70 years to the cover of Popular Mechanics magazine when they featured one of our favorite passenger trains, the Olympian, in the Rocky Mountains. From our collection of railroad memorabilia ...

Popular Mechanics Magazine
June 1947 Cover
Our favorite train ... The Olympian
Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul Railway


The National Spelling Bee has just been completed. Congratulations to winner Ananya Vinay! The Bee inspired Google to come up with the map below based on searches on their website. How did your state do? It amused us that Washington and Maine missed the same word!

Most Misspelled Words by States per Google Trends
June 1 2017

Postcards for the Weekend #39 - Country Map(s)

Maria, of Postcards for the Weekend, has challenged us to come up with a postcard to share which features a "country map." With a smile, here we go ...

A Pike Street Press postcard which expresses our feelings quite well.
Pike Street cards are handmade in Seattle
PS  We actually mailed this card to Maria a while back!

Closing thought ...
     There are only two industries which refer to their customers as "users" -- drugs and computers.
Edward R. Tufte

Mostly Mt Rainier

Back to Mt. Rainier 2024 ... At the entrance gate the Ranger provided a map of the Park and a sheet of info for Spring 2024.  I was careful ...