Sunday, November 25, 2018

Ships and Skies - November 2018

Welcome to John's Island
All pics in this post taken from home ... Seattle, WA, USA

November 17th  4:26 PM
[Please click on images for larger view.]

November 17th  4:26 PM
(Seconds later than first photo.)
As the sun sets it is reflected in windows of homes
across the Interbay Valley appearing almost like fire.

November 11th  7:49 AM
Visiting for a few days and docked at Pier 91
National Geographic's Venture
Preparing to head south for the winter.

Zoomed in ... National Geographic Venture
I may have found my next adventure.

November 7th  7:20 AM
A most unusual overnight snow in the Olympic Mountains
coated Mount Olympus but not the closer mountains.
Mount Olympus - Washington

From home ... normally difficult to distinguish at this
distance ... Mount Olympus clearly defined by snow.

November 6th  4:57 PM
Just after sunset Mersk Cargo Vessel arriving in Port.
In this photo I like the lights along the top edge of the hull.

November 11th  7:19 AM
Early morning fog had just cleared.
MS Shanghai Express
Docking this vessel must be a challenge.

November 22nd  8:17 AM
Hamburg Süd - Cap Jervis departing in the early morning sun.
Hamburg Süd Shipping Website

November 25th  8:07 AM
Evergreen Cargo Vessel
The Victoria Clipper
both northbound in Puget Sound.
Note the fog in valley on other side of Bainbridge Island.
Mostly sunny skies, about 40F.

November 8th  4:36 PM
Special treat ... Sun Pillar

November 8th  4:45 PM
Always happy to link up with
Skywatch Friday

November 2nd  9:23 AM
Unusually bright and wide rainbow over
Puget Sound.
Lucky boat at rainbow's end?

November 18th  5:11 PM
** Happy Holidays from Expedia Construction Team **
Expedia Announces Move to Seattle in 2020
(The new Headquarters Campus will be right below me.
Views will be changed, but hopefully not water views.)
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Postscript: This year, for the first time in 55 years, on November 22, I did not hear, see, or think anything about John F. Kennedy. Amazing!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Santa Catalina Island

Fall Coastal Cruise 2018
Catalina Island - October 26th

Just before sunrise and I've already enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee in Lido. Stepped out on Deck 10 (one above Lido) to snap the view above. I love this time of day on cruise ships when you can be out on deck like this and it almost seems like this is your own personal super yacht. No other cruisers in view. It turned out to be a great day and how it unfolded is journaled below. 

Aboard MS Eurodam, October 26, 2018  6:23 AM
A few minutes after sunrise and before anchoring off Catalina Island.

Early Morning view of Santa Catalina Island
from MS Eurodam at anchor.
October 26th ... Clear skies and warm!

Tenders are getting ready.
For anyone not into cruising ... When ships are too large to dock at a port, small boats known as tenders ferry passengers to and from the port. The ship stays anchored in deeper waters and the tender ride usually takes just a few minutes.

I'm on the first tender to the Island.
Avalon center before the crowds arrive.

Taking the "Garden to Sky Trail" from the Wrigley Memorial.
Looking back at our ship in the harbor.

Zoomed in.
Not smoke, but haze!

Walked through Wrigley Botanical Garden

Colorful flowers all around Avalon

Don't rent a car ... rent a golf cart.
Preferred method of getting around on the Island.

Go for a submarine ride if you wish.
On this cruise I had an excellent room Steward named Wayan. Not only did he keep the room in great shape (despite my clutter) he also made a cool towel critter for me each night which was waiting for me in my room when I returned from dinner. I liked them all but the one below was my favorite ... Not sure, but possibly a Brachiosaurus. :-)

Check out more critters at
Saturday's Critters and, thanks to Eileen for hosting.

Port side tender stop.

Aboard tender enroute back to the ship.

Approaching tender docks at ship.

Platforms fold out from the ship.

One last look back at the Island.
This particular area is known as Hamilton Cove.
Want to vacation here? Hamilton Cove Vacation Rentals
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Thursday, November 15, 2018

San Pedro/Los Angeles

Fall Coastal Cruise --
San Pedro/LA Port Stop

It is Thursday, October 25, 2018, and we are aboard Holland America's Eurodam docked at the Los Angeles Cruise Ship Terminal.

Thursday, October 25, 2018 -- We are docked at
San Pedro/Los Angeles Cruise Ship Terminal
Right across from our ship is the beautiful
Vincent Thomas Bridge

For perspective, the San Pedro Cruise Ship Terminal
(aka Los Angeles World Cruise Center)
is about 18 miles from downtown L. A.

This overview shot shows where we are docked.
Just guessing, but probably this area is the largest
shipping center on the entire West Coast.
Truly fascinating for those of us interested in big ships!

A big container ship passed right in front of us and then under
the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

Ship's name: Henry Hudson Bridge.
First time I've seen a ship named after a bridge.
Just liked capturing a bridge going under a bridge.

Yet another large container ship passing under Vincent Thomas.
This is the Horizon Pacific -- homeport New York, NY.
Operated by Pasha Hawaii

A couple of Tractor Tugs completely turned the Horizon Pacific
around before assisting her to the dock.

Looking out from the front of our ship.

This pic does give some scale to the whole scene.

Pretty nice capture with the Canon 730.

Happy boating right next to the big dogs.

Happened to notice the Lucy Franco.
Recalled seeing Franco tugs in Alaska and Seattle.
Discovered history of Harley Franco's Company

Massive new bridge under construction for the
Seaside Freeway I-710
will take traffic over shipping lanes.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Golden Gate Sunrise

Fall Coastal Cruise
October 23, 2018

Aboard MS Eurodam

It's Tuesday morning and the Captain has timed our San Francisco arrival for sunrise as we pass under the Golden Gate Bridge. It would be easy for me to go overboard about a beautiful morning. I will just leave it as one of the most memorable events of the entire 11 day cruise.

October 23rd  6:43 AM
Aboard MS Eurodam
Approaching Golden Gate Bridge

October 23rd  6:49 AM
San Francisco in view.

Golden morning in the Golden Gate City
October 23, 2018
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