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Picturesque Scenery - 1910

Souvenir Folder - Picturesque Scenery

Souvenir Folder
Picturesque Scenery along the line of
Great Northern Railroad,
Montana, Idaho, and Washington
(Mailed from The Top of The Cascade Mountains)

Back of the Folder with space for return address.
(Unidentified location but possibly Hell Gate Canyon
near Missoula, Montana.)

Bad Lands near Montana Dakota Line

A Montana Grain Field

Lake McDermott and Mt Wilbur
from "Many Glacier" Hotel
Glacier National Park

Mallett Compound Engine

A Group of Blackfeet Indians*

The Narrows, Flathead Lake, Montana

The Lakes in the Clouds
Rocky Mountains

Great Northern Bridge over
Pend O'Reille River

Great Northern Trestle over Lower Falls,
Spokane River, Washington

Mt. Rainier, Washington

Seattle, Puget Sound and
the Olympic Mountains
(Photo by Asahel Curtis)

Loop on the Great Northern Railroad,
near "Scenic," Washington

Freight train coming out of the Horseshoe Tunnel,
Near Scenic on the Great Northern R. R. Wash

Electric Locomotive pulling The Oriental Limited,
Emerging from Cascade Tunnel on
Great Northern Railway

Great Northern Train entering
Horse Shoe Tunnel, Washington

Lake Wenatchee, Washington

An Avenue of Apple Blossoms, Wenatchee, Wash.
(Copyright 1910 by Kiser Photo Co. for
Great Northern Railway.)

The folder includes 18 views in a style similar to postcards. It was published around 1910 for the Great Northern Railway to encourage travelers to travel by train. The folders were available in train stations and in stores frequented by travelers. The folders could be purchased and kept as a souvenir of a trip taken, or mailed to friends and family. In 1910 this folder was postmarked "Mailed from the Top of the Cascade Mountains, Cascade Tunnel, Elevation 3373 ft., Wash." The postmark was probably applied aboard the train on its transcontinental journey across the continent. Back in 1910, the folder was mailed with a 1¢ stamp. To mail the folder today would probably cost close to 68¢.

 Unfolded view.

A combined Header and Thresher at work in a
Washington Wheat Field

Did you notice the image featuring the Blackfeet Indians? The Great Northern Railway, blazing trails through untamed landscapes, chose to pay homage to the indigenous peoples of the land by featuring portraits of Native Americans on its postcards and promotional materials. I especially enjoy this aspect of collecting Great Northern memorabilia. I’ll focus on that in a future post.

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Saturday, March 9, 2024

For Critter Friends


A Post for My Critter Friends

Have you discovered the trove of treasures within YouTube?

In my journey of exploration through the digital expanse of YouTube, I've stumbled upon content that not only educates but deeply moves the heart. One such gem is a video series featuring a compassionate individual who visits dog kennels, stepping into the spaces of unwanted and abandoned dogs. With a gentle presence and open heart, he sits among these animals, offering them moments of comfort and affection.

After watching the video below, I decided I had to share it with my Saturday’s Critters friends.

The YouTube channel belongs to Rocky.

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Thankful Thursday is a good place for Rocky!

Tuesday, March 5, 2024


A dear friend posted, on Facebook, the tapestry below describing new words to refer to certain kinds of unusual light.

Art by Grant Snider

Her post struck me because, at the moment I read her post, I happened to look out my window to the Olympic Mountains in the distance. "Alpenglow:  rosy light on mountain peaks at dawn or dusk." It was like a bingo moment ... alpenglow was on perfect display. This kind of thing encourages me to think more positively about social media. 😊 What a coincidence!

February 15th shortly after sunrise

And a sunset a few days later caused me to wonder what name we should apply to the glow in the sky. What are your suggestions?

February 19th  

I found 30 descriptive words in "How to Describe a Sunset in Writing" here.

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Eagles Today

Eagles on a windy morning in Seattle

I often look out to see Bald Eagles zooming around over Elliott Bay and especially over the area known as Interbay. My observations over recent months lead me to believe a pair of eagles are nesting nearby. Although I see them almost daily, it is rare to see them stop and give me an opportunity to grab the camera. This morning our weather is partly sunny, quite chilly at 39F, and a strong southerly wind.

The eagles must have decided to take a break in their search for breakfast.

I grabbed the camera and zoomed in as much as possible. The birds were hanging on tight near the top of a not-too-distant tree. Look at the wind lifting their feathers!

Here's a zoomed out shot to show the overview.
The tree must be about a quarter-mile away.

In the grip of March's embrace, under a partly sunny sky,

Where winds weave through waking woods, the eagles fly high.

With regal poise and piercing gaze, they scour the land below,

Masters of the air, in the chill of dawn's early glow.


The trees, tall sentinels of time, bear witness to their flight,

As the eagles, bold and free, dance with the morning light.

Suddenly, a pause in their aerial quest, a moment caught in time,

They land upon a lofty perch, a scene sublime.


The wind, a playful adversary, tugs at their feathered might,

Yet, they stand unyielded, sovereigns of their height.

In the tempest's hold, their feathers ruffled, yet they cling,

Majestic beings, in the face of nature's testing swing.


This moment, a testament to resilience, a break in their hunt,

A snapshot of survival, in the morning's blustery front.

Eagles, emblem of strength, against the March wind's roar,

A spectacle of grace, in the wild's relentless chore.


So here they rest, atop the world, a brief respite taken,

Before the wind's call urges them, and they are once again awakened.

To continue their quest, beneath the vast, embracing sky,

Eagles in the March morn, where the brave spirits fly.

(I wrote up the story of my experience this morning and good luck with getting the pictures of the Bald Eagles. I gave the story to ChatGPT and asked it to create a poem about it. It answered with, "Certainly. I'd be happy to." and then continued with what you see above. Thank you, Chat!)

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Happy Birthday USA

Happy Birthday USA Happy holiday to all in America. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day. Comments will return on the next post. Credit to...