Saturday, March 2, 2024

Eagles Today

Eagles on a windy morning in Seattle

I often look out to see Bald Eagles zooming around over Elliott Bay and especially over the area known as Interbay. My observations over recent months lead me to believe a pair of eagles are nesting nearby. Although I see them almost daily, it is rare to see them stop and give me an opportunity to grab the camera. This morning our weather is partly sunny, quite chilly at 39F, and a strong southerly wind.

The eagles must have decided to take a break in their search for breakfast.

I grabbed the camera and zoomed in as much as possible. The birds were hanging on tight near the top of a not-too-distant tree. Look at the wind lifting their feathers!

Here's a zoomed out shot to show the overview.
The tree must be about a quarter-mile away.

In the grip of March's embrace, under a partly sunny sky,

Where winds weave through waking woods, the eagles fly high.

With regal poise and piercing gaze, they scour the land below,

Masters of the air, in the chill of dawn's early glow.


The trees, tall sentinels of time, bear witness to their flight,

As the eagles, bold and free, dance with the morning light.

Suddenly, a pause in their aerial quest, a moment caught in time,

They land upon a lofty perch, a scene sublime.


The wind, a playful adversary, tugs at their feathered might,

Yet, they stand unyielded, sovereigns of their height.

In the tempest's hold, their feathers ruffled, yet they cling,

Majestic beings, in the face of nature's testing swing.


This moment, a testament to resilience, a break in their hunt,

A snapshot of survival, in the morning's blustery front.

Eagles, emblem of strength, against the March wind's roar,

A spectacle of grace, in the wild's relentless chore.


So here they rest, atop the world, a brief respite taken,

Before the wind's call urges them, and they are once again awakened.

To continue their quest, beneath the vast, embracing sky,

Eagles in the March morn, where the brave spirits fly.

(I wrote up the story of my experience this morning and good luck with getting the pictures of the Bald Eagles. I gave the story to ChatGPT and asked it to create a poem about it. It answered with, "Certainly. I'd be happy to." and then continued with what you see above. Thank you, Chat!)

Thanks for stopping by and a happy March to all.
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  1. Thank you, John. How beautiful to see them like this. It's amazing that you went to take pictures of them, this is so special!

  2. Hello John,
    I love your Eagle photos. They are hanging on there in the wind. Wonderful poem too, you have way with words. I am so glad to see the Eagles are doing so well in our country. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  3. John, the photos are majestic and wonderful! I very much enjoyed that prose too, but it’s amazing how it was created!

  4. So amazing to see them in the wild! I saw one by our pond the other day. He was trying to lift something, but failed and let it go.

  5. Hello John
    Many thanks for sharing these lovely eagle photographs.
    I enjoyed the poem too.

    Wishing you a happy month of March.

    All the best Jan

  6. Wonderful pictures of the eagles. What a treat that you see them so often.

  7. I love seeing the eagles, hanging on in the wind. Our temperatures and weather are about the same here. And I love the poem! Thanks to ChatGPT for that most excellent poem. :-)

  8. ...John, I rarely if ever see eagles, it's quite a treat to see yours, thanks!

  9. the eagle images are wonderful, the wind is obvious!!

    i know nothing about chatgpt, i will have to look into it. it certainly turned your words in to a beautiful poem/story!!

  10. Well that's cool that the computer can now write a poem for you.

  11. John, your eagle photos are breathtaking! Nature's beauty shines through even in the wind's embrace. The poem inspired by your experience is exquisite. Thank you for sharing this captivating moment with us.

  12. It scares the living daylights out of me that computers can create poetry for you. Will it soon reach the point where we will be unable to distinguish truth from fabrication. Had you told us you had composed the verse how would we know otherwise? Thank goodness the eagles are real!

  13. The eagle shots capture those birds beautifully in nature.

    I have never used ChatGPT. I admire the way you embrace the new technology. Well done!

  14. Hello John :=)
    Your Bald Eagle shots are wonderful, and they are quite far away....too far for my camera to take a decent photo. I like the way you show them in the distance, and then zoomed in to show how beautiful they are.

    I have never heard of ChatGPT, but the poem is amazing. If you have a mind to use technology it's available for those who choose to use it. You got to grips with A1 and now Chat GPT, and I also admire how your adventurous spirit/ curiosity is piqued by technology.
    All the best
    piqued by technology.

  15. Strange how you took photos of Eagles there and today I took some of our Red Kites, a rapter like yours only not so big. Great minds

  16. I enjoyed admiring your pictures of the Bald Eagles. The American Bald Eagle population here in Calgary has been booming. Every time I specifically go out to bird watch at two local parks, I see Bald Eagles of various ages. Sometimes they are close up, sometimes further away. I have been spotting more Juveniles than ever before.

  17. When we lived in Wisconsin, we had several nesting pairs on the lake. Now that we live in South Dakota, we see them occassionally, but not very often.

  18. The poem really is perfect and you always write your experiences so well that it makes me feel like I was there with you. What beautiful Eagles and how special to get to watch them. WOW! You did great!

  19. dear John your poetry justifies the glorious and fantastic images so beautifully !
    what a beautiful tribute to graceful ,strong and brave bird that has power to inspire and attract the heart because of traits he owns :)
    marvelous shots ,yes i can see how gust of winds are blowing their feathers and yet the magnificent creature rests on highest branches :))) Bravo !
    your poem felt like powerful painting laying before my eyes and i could see everything so clearly ! this is exceptional talent indeed by the grace of Creator !
    the end was inspirational and i loved it !
    thank you for enlightening our souls with your wisdom and art my friend!
    more blessings to you and family!


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