Friday, April 18, 2014

Journey South: Cartagena, Columbia

Continuing our journey south in early March, 2014, we reached Cartagena, Columbia. This is a big city on the north edge of South America. It has an interesting and important history and so a tour will likely be focused on the older walled-in city and the fortress built to defend it.

Read about Castillo San Felipe de Barajas

It is a long way up to the top of the fort and you can bet the temperature will be very warm.

Here are a few typical street scenes.

These small taxis seem to be a popular way to get around.

In this photo you see three large entrance ways ... these are the
way into the old, original, walled city.
Some typical scenes once inside the walled city ...

One of the most impressive sites we visited was the Cathedral of San Pedro Claver.

This is a panoramic photo pieced together from several shots.
You can't get far enough back to get the whole thing in one frame
without a special lens on the camera.
The interior of the church is beautiful and San Pedro Claver Corberó was an interesting and important historical figure.

Unfortunately, Cartagena was a destination for slave traders. Claver's primary mission was to help the slaves and minister to them.  The statue above commemorates Claver's efforts.

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Next segment of the journey:  Panama Canal.

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