Saturday, January 27, 2024

Winter's Embrace

Winter scenes - January '24

The view is from Seattle looking southwest
over Puget Sound
January 10th

January 13th

January 15th

January 23rd

January 14th

Hummers made it through the cold snap!
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The story of Doug Leen and how he discovered
the lost art of National Park posters.

Friday, January 12, 2024

When Winter is King

Published for the 1917 Winter Season

"To be lazy is to freeze."

[Click on images for larger,
possibly readable, view.]

"There are some of us who do not properly
appreciate the winter."

"We slide, we coast, we skate, we ski,
we sleigh, we snowball, we walk, we run."

"Canaan is 125 miles from Boston. The Inn accommodates
100 people. Rates $3.00 per day; $14.00 to $20.00 per week."
"Snowshoeing, skiing, tobogganing."

"Come back this winter and tell your stories of slides,
tramps, tumbles and conquered mountains. Let the
stay-at-home envy you."

Boston and Maine Railroad

This seemed like a timely piece of memorabilia to post. 😊 Remember, Winter is King right now.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

The Chief Invites You

To Glacier National Park, 1929.

The Invitation sent out by
Chief Two Guns White Calf
for Season June 15th - Sept. 15th, 1929

The Chief extends his invitation in this booklet, published 1929, by the Great Northern Railroad.

I hope you can click on the images to see the large view ... which I hope you will be able to read. The Chief would not appreciate my sending out an invitation with print too small to read.

At least you should be able to enjoy the images. And, NO, I don't care if you copy them! 😊

The booklet was mailed from St Paul, Minnesota, in 1929, when postage for the booklet was 1 cent. Unfortunately, the postmark is smudged, so the exact date can't be determined.

I would sure like to know if Ella Schilling visited Glacier.

What is your guess?

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UPDATE: In my original post, above, I should have mentioned that the Chief’s Invitation is to visit both Glacier AND Waterton Lakes. Glacier is a National Park in the USA and Waterton Lakes is a National Park in Canada. They are adjacent and separated only by the International Border between Canada and the USA. The Glacier portion is in the state of Montana, and the Waterton Lakes portion is in the Province of Alberta.

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