Saturday, March 19, 2022

Early March in Seattle

 Yesterday morning, before my walk, I looked out to see the full Worm Moon. The Worm Moon is the last full moon of winter. The name refers to the time of year when worm-looking beetle larvae emerge from the bark of trees as spring approaches and temperatures warm.

Full Worm Moon, March 18th
behind a thin layer of clouds.

Unusual sunset,
March 8th

Sunset with a silver lining,
March 9th


Thanks to those who let me know this is
a Double-crested Cormorant.

Mr and Mrs Mallard

Mr Mallard
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Canada Goose
During the several minutes I watched this bird,
it did not move, and it stayed on one foot the entire time.
I am curious if it is just resting on one foot,
 or does it have just one foot?

Port Pics

First day of "Daylight Saving" and
 it is dark again as I start my walk.

First fishing vessel to see in a while.

Morning of March 18th.
Green for day before ... St Patrick's Day

Newest grain ship at the Grain Terminal
The Okinawa

The Monrovia flag always catches my attention.

Nice to see a fully loaded container ship arriving.
Note the variety of containers.

Darya Shanti being loaded with grain from our Midwest farms.

Along my walk

Signs of Spring

Early light of sunrise tints the sky ...
clouds blanket the top of Mt Rainier. 

Mount Rainier on two different mornings.

Couldn't believe I was seeing this photo in New York Times.
For a moment, I thought it was mine. Ha Ha.
Must have been taken from the same spot 
where I take a daily start photo for my walks.
The image here is a screen shot from NYT online.
PRINT EDITION Restoring Nature While Building - March 16, 2022, Page B7

Compare to NYT's pic above.

This morning - Saturday, March 19, 2022  7:57AM

Always tempting.

John's closing thought ...

Russia's "Special Military Operation" is a tragedy for humanity.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Mission Accomplished

One year ago I challenged myself to walk about 2 miles, almost every day, for a year. As of today I've completed the challenge, missing only 12 days in the last 365.

Mt Rainier on a clear morning just before sunrise.
February 25  6:51AM
[Click on images for larger view]

I have been walking on Seattle's Elliott Bay Trail which goes right along the waterfront. I like to walk early in the morning and every day I take my camera along to snap a few photos of things that interest me. For the last year most of the photos here on the blog have been taken on the walks with a few others taken from home.

Ducks seen in the last couple of weeks.
For more critters visit Saturday's Critters

Marine vessels seen in the last couple of weeks.
Top left: High Speed Passenger Ferry enroute Seattle
(Zoomed in a lot but liked the morning sun.)
Bottom left: Foss Tug
Top right: Ship loading at Grain Terminal
Bottom right: Ship at anchor awaiting Grain Terminal


Top left:  Rainy morning
Bottom left: Reflections
Top right: Reading while walking ... can you do this? 😉
Bottom right: Frosty morning

Recent shots of hummers around home.

Brilliant sunset March 2nd  5:57PM
The view is looking to the west from Seattle

Sunsets from home, except bottom right ...
just before sunrise at start of walk.

Linking up with Michelle's Thankful Thursday  Thankful to have a place to link up Mission Accomplished. Thanks Michelle!

John's closing thought ... A daily walk can become a great habit. I highly recommend it.

Happy Birthday USA

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