Friday, April 7, 2023


Spring at Last!

In this post:

  • Pics taken along waterfront walks
  • Bald Eagles soaring above home
  • Rocks. Yes, Rocks!
  • Ships
  • Sky Watch
  • 48 Hours Coast to Coast in 1929
  • AI Update
  • Optional Entertainment & Closing thoughts

Two Pacific Northwest Favorites are in bloom.
Cherry trees and Daffodils.

2 Goslings and (my guess) their moms.
Canada Geese
[Click on images for BETTER view.]

The dads (again, my guess) were nearby and making a lot of noise.

Aren't these little birds cute!

Their feathers look like fur.

It was delightful to see the goslings.

A well-named Goldeneye

Mallards are back too!
Critter lovers check out Saturday's Critters

After 3 years, my hummers now share the feeder.
At one moment I had 4 on the feeder and 1 buzzing
around waiting for an opening.

Definitely not my photo. Screenshot from the web.
This is the Anza Borrego Desert in California in bloom,
some year in the past.
One of my favorite bloggers features amazing desert pics.
I'm hoping he might check out this year's blooms.
After all the rain in California, over the winter,
this year may be amazing. 

On March 23 I noticed Bald Eagles circling above and
stepped out on my deck to see if I could get some

They flew around and around and I snapped a lot of pics.
These are not great photos, but they do give a sense of
what it is like to watch these majestic birds.

Rocks ... 

I almost missed this item lost among the rocks.
See next photo.

Wish I knew L W R ... that person is an artist.

Some human stacked the rocks to look like a statue.
This was only noticeable from a certain angle.

The powers in charge decided to trim away the old growth.
All done in one day, March 24th

Starting my waterfront walk on a cloudy morning.
March 22nd

A few days later ...
Clear sky to the East promises a sunny morning.
It looks so different ... all trimmed up.
March 29th

Ships ...

Getting Loaded!
Early morning sun brightens up the CL BEIJING
bulk carrier with grain for Asia.

This is the CM BLUEBELL loading up with grain 
for Asia. This shot taken just before sunrise.

FOSS tugs await assignment at their Operations Base

Guided by 2 FOSS tugs, the MSC Katie arrives
in the afternoon, April 1, 2023. In the near
distance West Seattle, further Vashon Island,
and a glimpse of Colvos Passage west of Vashon.

Loaded Container Ship arrives Port of Seattle
March 10, 2023

Probably awaiting a spot at Grain Terminal 86.

Head-on view of a bulk carrier at anchor.

MSC NITYA B departing Seattle
March 22nd

The EXCELLENCE fishing vessel has returned from Alaska
and is docked in its customary spot at Pier 90.
This shot taken from nearby Queen Anne Hill.

Grain ship being loaded at the Grain Terminal

Bicycle enthusiasts enjoy a morning get together
along the waterfront walk.

The fireman said, "Sorry to interrupt your walk."
I just thought it was interesting.
First time I've seen them testing a Ladder Truck.
You never know what you'll see along the waterfront.

Sky Watch ...

Just a beauty of a day.
Note the white-caps ... yes, it was windy!

Along the bike path, looking East.

Unusual colors - early morning sun on the Olympic Mountains.
March 12th

Dark Mode
Ships at night in Elliott Bay.
Pic snapped at Oh-dark-thirty!

Colorful sunset.
March 29th
From the Collection ...

Starting July 7, 1929, 48 hours, Coast to Coast, via Rail and Air

2 Nights by Train, 2 Days by Plane. 

Cost:  $338 in 1929 ... OR, in today's dollars $5,746.

AI Update

In my post, Friday, January 27, 2023, I asked if you were chatting with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Since then AI has become the latest viral topic on the internet. Now, tech leaders are asking for a pause. The screenshot below gives the story as it appeared recently in the media.

Optional Entertainment & Closing thoughts ...

Just as a reminder to myself, if I am lucky enough to look back here in a few years, I wanted to note that I've recently been enjoying YouTube more than ever, and especially the music videos. I found the one below to be a smile producer and reminder of stuff I've enjoyed in the past. I enjoy many kinds of music. The example below just happens to be Country and features The Highwaymen. Enjoy.

Closing thoughts ...

"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later."

          Mary Bly

I wrestle with cardboard, I struggle with foil,

I pluck at tiny tabs until my blood begins to boil.

And when I'm all for giving up, and I'm at my wits end,

I see those nasty, spiteful words OPEN OTHER END.

          Mark Adjan


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