Friday, April 7, 2023


Spring at Last!

In this post:

  • Pics taken along waterfront walks
  • Bald Eagles soaring above home
  • Rocks. Yes, Rocks!
  • Ships
  • Sky Watch
  • 48 Hours Coast to Coast in 1929
  • AI Update
  • Optional Entertainment & Closing thoughts

Two Pacific Northwest Favorites are in bloom.
Cherry trees and Daffodils.

2 Goslings and (my guess) their moms.
Canada Geese
[Click on images for BETTER view.]

The dads (again, my guess) were nearby and making a lot of noise.

Aren't these little birds cute!

Their feathers look like fur.

It was delightful to see the goslings.

A well-named Goldeneye

Mallards are back too!
Critter lovers check out Saturday's Critters

After 3 years, my hummers now share the feeder.
At one moment I had 4 on the feeder and 1 buzzing
around waiting for an opening.

Definitely not my photo. Screenshot from the web.
This is the Anza Borrego Desert in California in bloom,
some year in the past.
One of my favorite bloggers features amazing desert pics.
I'm hoping he might check out this year's blooms.
After all the rain in California, over the winter,
this year may be amazing. 

On March 23 I noticed Bald Eagles circling above and
stepped out on my deck to see if I could get some

They flew around and around and I snapped a lot of pics.
These are not great photos, but they do give a sense of
what it is like to watch these majestic birds.

Rocks ... 

I almost missed this item lost among the rocks.
See next photo.

Wish I knew L W R ... that person is an artist.

Some human stacked the rocks to look like a statue.
This was only noticeable from a certain angle.

The powers in charge decided to trim away the old growth.
All done in one day, March 24th

Starting my waterfront walk on a cloudy morning.
March 22nd

A few days later ...
Clear sky to the East promises a sunny morning.
It looks so different ... all trimmed up.
March 29th

Ships ...

Getting Loaded!
Early morning sun brightens up the CL BEIJING
bulk carrier with grain for Asia.

This is the CM BLUEBELL loading up with grain 
for Asia. This shot taken just before sunrise.

FOSS tugs await assignment at their Operations Base

Guided by 2 FOSS tugs, the MSC Katie arrives
in the afternoon, April 1, 2023. In the near
distance West Seattle, further Vashon Island,
and a glimpse of Colvos Passage west of Vashon.

Loaded Container Ship arrives Port of Seattle
March 10, 2023

Probably awaiting a spot at Grain Terminal 86.

Head-on view of a bulk carrier at anchor.

MSC NITYA B departing Seattle
March 22nd

The EXCELLENCE fishing vessel has returned from Alaska
and is docked in its customary spot at Pier 90.
This shot taken from nearby Queen Anne Hill.

Grain ship being loaded at the Grain Terminal

Bicycle enthusiasts enjoy a morning get together
along the waterfront walk.

The fireman said, "Sorry to interrupt your walk."
I just thought it was interesting.
First time I've seen them testing a Ladder Truck.
You never know what you'll see along the waterfront.

Sky Watch ...

Just a beauty of a day.
Note the white-caps ... yes, it was windy!

Along the bike path, looking East.

Unusual colors - early morning sun on the Olympic Mountains.
March 12th

Dark Mode
Ships at night in Elliott Bay.
Pic snapped at Oh-dark-thirty!

Colorful sunset.
March 29th
From the Collection ...

Starting July 7, 1929, 48 hours, Coast to Coast, via Rail and Air

2 Nights by Train, 2 Days by Plane. 

Cost:  $338 in 1929 ... OR, in today's dollars $5,746.

AI Update

In my post, Friday, January 27, 2023, I asked if you were chatting with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Since then AI has become the latest viral topic on the internet. Now, tech leaders are asking for a pause. The screenshot below gives the story as it appeared recently in the media.

Optional Entertainment & Closing thoughts ...

Just as a reminder to myself, if I am lucky enough to look back here in a few years, I wanted to note that I've recently been enjoying YouTube more than ever, and especially the music videos. I found the one below to be a smile producer and reminder of stuff I've enjoyed in the past. I enjoy many kinds of music. The example below just happens to be Country and features The Highwaymen. Enjoy.

Closing thoughts ...

"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later."

          Mary Bly

I wrestle with cardboard, I struggle with foil,

I pluck at tiny tabs until my blood begins to boil.

And when I'm all for giving up, and I'm at my wits end,

I see those nasty, spiteful words OPEN OTHER END.

          Mark Adjan


  1. John you have shown some amazing photos and live in such a phototograpic area. I love the one of the Olympic Mountains with the sun on it, so atmospheric. Thanks fro showing your work

  2. Hello, John
    Happy Easter! Wonderful post, pretty photos of the cherry blossoms and daffodils. I love the cute photos of the goslings. They are adorable. I would love to see the Goldeneye, they are pretty ducks. Great captures of the Bald Eagles. Your hummingbirds are so cute, I am glad they are sharing the feeder. The painted rock is a neat find, people are so creative. Awesome shots of the ships, I like the reflections on the tug boat shot and the head on of the carrier with the mountains in the distance. Your sky shots are lovely, the last sunset is my favorite. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment

  3. Hello John :=)
    The Goslings are fluffy and cute, and the majestic Bald Eagle flight shots are fantastic. I'm so glad the Hummers are back and you are seeing more wild life. The hand painted rock ,and human profile pile of rocks were fun to see. As always your sky shots and sunsets are truly beautiful, almost unreal in their bright red hues.The different types of ships are interesting, and I have enjoyed listening to the Highwaymen as I write, and remember The Ghost Riders In The Sky from way back. Your closing thoughts made me smile.Get back to you later, and open other end, ha ha what fun! :=)
    Have a Blessed Easter John, and thank you for your entertaining post.

  4. It is very agreeable that Spring has finally done the decent thing and agreed to show up and do what it's supposed to do. I can plainly see from the avian gallery in this post, John, that you now merit serious consideration for admission to the Grand Fraternity of Bird Nerds of the World. Four hummingbirds at the same feeder is qualification enough. Certificates of membership have now been assigned to AI so we'll see how that goes. As for opening the package "at the other end" I think I wrote the book on that. I can hear my wife's voice trilling in the background, "Try the other end, David." It's almost on a par with her helpful advice when I can't find something, "Oh look, Dear, here it is maliciously and malevolently hiding behind something else in the fridge." It's a good thing we have wives to keep us humble.

  5. ...John, what a post. You sure pack a bunch of neat stuff into it. The colorful sunset on March 29th was the winner for me. Happy Easter.

  6. Another wonderful fun-filled post, John. I'm always glad to see what you come up with, and this one was chock full of delight. Thanks, and Happy Easter!

  7. Is that your scooter in the last photo of rocks?

  8. You've got lots of good stuff in this blog. I like ships, skies, birds, AI, jokes and Olympia mountains. What more could I want in a post. Have a great walk and have a great day. Happy Easter.

  9. John, the moment I saw you had a new post up I turned off my tv and made a fresh cup of coffee--I like to take my time with your wonderful posts. I loved the bird & ship photos, and those soaring eagle pics--amazing! I envy your living so close to those sea-faring ships too, but appreciate you sharing them with us. I admit the AI stuff is somewhat concerning, especially when visionaries like Musk are saying something. I guess time will tell, I just hope the human race is still thriving in 100 years. Very much enjoyed that video too, you cannot go wrong with Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash! How is it I've never seen that before? Thanks for the great shares and I hope you have a nice Easter Sunday. :^)

  10. Wow what a collection of wonderful photos.
    Love the cute baby geese and those skies are gorgeous.

  11. Hi JOHN- great photos of the Canada Geese and their young ones- certainly lovely birds. Happy Easter my Friend.

  12. That last bit was very funny. I had 2 tools out yesterday trying to open the rings in a book! Love your ideas for entertainment too. Your eagle photos are amazing and I love the ships. I'm reading a mystery that revolves around big ships. (Deadlock) Enjoy your weekend my friend! And your walks!

  13. There is no lack of interesting things to photograph around your area. I like the ships and all the items of interest, but my favourites are the birds. I was out today trying to get Bald Eagle shots. I did get some. Happy Easter.

  14. Such a delightful and enjoyable post, John!
    You've packed a whole lotta cool photos in it.
    I especially love the cute baby geese.

    Happy Easter!

  15. What a lovely post to linger over the various topics! Thank you.

    I always enjoy the birds and ships you feature. The eagles are a special treat. I have watched them feeding whilst on the sea ice here this winter. The geese which didn’t fly south were easily prey for those incredible birds.

    There is such variety among the ships. Each would require a good look as one walked along.

    I love how there is always something new, such as a rock or a firefighter. One is never bored if one is blessed with curiosity and powers of observation!

    Great post, John!

  16. beautiful and delightful sharing dear John :)

    i loved each shot thoroughly !
    taken so nicely ,wow loved these ducks specially with green head are stunning ,never saw such pretty duck around here
    sky is breathtaking and water is captivating .
    every step you walk you gather pearls each reflects the shine of your soul !
    sooo enjoyed the song ,it made my evening :)

  17. One of the things I love about your blog photos is that they offer a fresh perspective on the ordinary extraordinary life around us. It's as if to say, I've seen that before, but now I see it with new eyes.
    Thank you, John, for the gift of your "Island" blog!

  18. Hello John
    What a lovely post, so much to see and read.
    So pleased that Spring has finally sprung in your area.

    We have been fortunate to enjoy some lovely sunshine over the Easter weekend. Our youngest granddaughter even got to paddle in the sea, it was lovely to see her smile in the photograph we were sent.

    I think the goslings are so cute.
    Your blue skies and the unusual colour skies are lovely to see.

    Both Eddie and I like to listen and watch music videos on YouTube, there is such a wonderful variety. We both enjoyed the one you included in this post ...I'm still singing along to it :)

    Enjoy your April days.
    Good wishes to you.

    All the best Jan and Eddie

  19. Me enamore de los patos y los paisajes. Te mando un beso.

  20. Eagles are so majestic that it breaks my heart to see them in cages. These are great photos, John. As always. You've captured nature's beauty magnificently.

  21. A lot going on. I thought the item toward the last about traveling by plane during the day and on the train at night was wild. Sounds grueling to me.

    I love shipping and seeing freighters coming and going and getting loaded and unloaded. Fascinating.

    Great post!!

  22. My hummingbirds are now back, but I've only spotted two, so far. And hey, I like the rocks!

  23. John, thank you for sharing the rock formation on Iceland, a place I would love to visit. I notice Gatklettur is composed of basalt which makes it black in appearance due to its volcanic nature. PEI’s formation are made of red sandstone as you know.

    Check out the sea arches at Tickle Cove, Newfoundland. The name alone is worth a look in this case. Those arches have sandstone too.

    There is so much of wonder in this world!

  24. So many wonderful photos to enjoy.
    Love the geese and their babies.
    I put out my hummingbird feeder but haven't seen any yet.

  25. You've been a very busy boy to come up with so many photos. Good high quality photos. I enjoyed your post.

  26. So many great images in this post again, John. Love the birds, especially the goslings, the feathers do look like fur.

    I always enjoy how you find interesting things along your route, like the ladder truck and crew, the rock art. The difference a bit of sunlight makes is incredible. Both shots are great though.

    We had a cargo vessel in port last week…a momentous occasion here. I think of busy Seattle whenever a vessel comes to port here, thanks to you, John! You have broadened my world!

    Willie Nelson recently turned ninety! Yay, Willie! I enjoyed the video!

    Enjoy the remainder of the week!


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