Friday, January 27, 2023

Are you chatting with AI?

 The AI revolution is upon us.

Remember Star Wars R2 D2?

I've been chatting with ChatGPT
Click on image to read the conversation.
It's sort of like chatting with R2 D2.

Now, what goes into publishing an interesting blog?
Typical question (by me) and answer by the Bot.
I see that I have work to do!

These are screen shots of my chats.

Curious about how much data is generated daily
on the internet. The answer is amazing.

Thank you & reply.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is moving ahead fast. I signed up to chat with ChatGPT which is quite fun and truly feels like a chat with another well-informed human.

If you have any thoughts about how AI is going to impact the world, please let me know in the comments.

Feeder Fun ...

Female Anna's Hummingbird
She looks healthy!
Snapped at my feeder on January 19th

Love those radiant green feathers!
Snapped on January 23rd

I love this.
3 Hummers sharing!
January 19th
at one of my feeders.

Time to dine.
January 19th

Prepare for landing.
January 19th

Snaps along the daily walk ... 

(Probably should have included this
in the Sky Watch section below.)

Unusual look at Mt Rainier just
after sunrise
January 16th

NOAA Research Vessel
at anchor, January 16th

at the Grain Terminal
January 20, 2023

January 14th

These are snaps I take as I walk along the waterfront trail in Seattle. I walk about 2 miles almost every morning.

January 14th

January 20th

Bird on a Pole ... Real vs Artificial ...

Gull on the Totem Pole
along the waterfront walk.
January 14th
(Real photo)

Eagle on a Totem Pole
The response I got from asking 
DALL-E2, AI artist, for an
eagle on a totem pole.
(Artificial photo)
How do you like it?

More (real) birds ...

Found these Canada Geese to be interesting.
Keeping look-out in both directions.

Standing on a rock just barely covered with water.

If you enjoy critters, be sure to check out Saturday's Critters.

Lots of Canada's birds have decided
they like Seattle.

Asleep on the rock.

A Couple of Sky Watch ...

January 20th
Clouds splitting the sun.

January 23rd
Just lots of orange!

Ships coming and going ...

Coming ...
January 25th
SM Kwangyang
SM Line

Going ...
January 26th
OOCL Oakland
OOCL Lines

From my viewpoint, the supply chain looks to be working a little better. Hope this is true for the economy moving forward. I enjoy watching these giant ships coming and going in Seattle.

Coming ...
Larger CMA CGM Container Ship
arriving in Port January 23rd

Closing thought ...

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

      Albert Einstein


  1. You've got lots to see by just standing still. Great variety of photos.

  2. Lindos pájaros Adoro a R2 D2 y la verdad se me ocurren muchas ideas del futuro aunque no creo que sea muy prospero. Te mando un beso. .

  3. ChatGPT is an interesting addiction. I used to rely much on Wikipedia until I found that it’s not entirely a community driven site but vetted by vested interests. Hope ChatGPT will remain pure. Interesting shots at the feeder and I really love the silhouetted tree shots.

  4. Hello John,
    ChatGPY looks interesting. I love all your hummingbirds, you are so lucky to see these sweet birds year round. I a glad they do not mind sharing your feeder. Love the beautiful view of the sky and Mt Rainer, the orange skies are lovely. It is cool watching these big ships coming and going. Great views of the Canada Geese. I believe your Mallards are really a pair of American Wigeons. One duck has the green with a cream colored stripe on the crown is the male Wigeon. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  5. Hello John :=) The G P T Robot must be fun to talk to and a new curiosity, whether it's more accurate than Wikipedia, I don't know, but I really enjoyed reading your questions and the answers.:=)

    Beautiful captures of the hummers, you caught the radiance of their iridescent plumage. Love those Canada Geese, and Mallards, and I thought the eagle was real, until I read it is artificial.:=)

    Lovely shots of the silhouetted trees, and I like the photo of the N O A A Research vessel, it's a striking capture, and your sunset images are glorious.
    Have a blessed day
    All the best.

  6. What an eclectic post! Love it!

    AI will take over one day. It will be a difficult war to win.

    I love the hummers. Amazing to see them in winter but they like your winters obviously!

    Your walks are great…always something new to see. The world sails by every day and the birds…you know how I enjoy them. That walk is perfect in my book! Continued enjoyment!

  7. Really do like those hummers. So many at the feeders.

  8. I love this potpourri of shots, but especially the hummers. They are learning to share, it seems.

  9. The Baltic dry index is 677. It's the lowest I have seen it in a long time.

  10. I love that last quote! I may have to 'borrow' it from you. It's perfect for how I feel about my time spent in nature. Love the big ships and beautiful skies! It's hard to believe you have hummers in the middle of winter. How wonderful! Enjoy your weekend my friend. Happy walking!

  11. Hello John
    Technology moves on at great speed, and alas I often find it hard to keep up!

    Lovely photographs on your post, a great selection, thank you.

    Enjoy your weekend, it's the last one of January 2023!
    The days pass by so quickly.

    Both myself and Eddie send our good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  12. Hello John, I absolutely love your sunset photos and having hummingbirds outside your window in January is something I would have never thought of seeing.
    Thank you for visiting my humble blog and for your lovely and encouraging comment. Oh, before I forget . . . Bravo! I think it is wonderful that you take a two mile walk every morning. I've got to get back to walking . . . this afternoon our temp was 38 but reals like 28 and we are having strong winds, not the best day for walking. Anyway I'm happy to hear that you are getting outside and exercising, walking is the best. You not only get exercise but it clears the mind and helps us see the beauty around us.
    Have a sweet week,
    Connie :)

  13. ...since I live in a cave, ChatGPT if way above my head. It amazing to me that you are seeing hummingbirds in January, how neat. Take care John and enjoy you walks.

  14. Gorgeous photos, as always, John. Lots of interesting happenings going on around you and you have a good eye for capturing beautiful moments. I don't get into the city as much these days, but you are a good lens. The early morning sunrise with Mt. Rainier is gorgeous, and I love all the tree silhouettes, too. AI is certainly interesting, but all in all the information is originally from the human collective, so I guess it is a good example of what we can accomplish when we all work together. Maybe it's us, without all the sass. Haha! Have a great weekend. x K

  15. I am quite sure that I have barely sufficient natural intelligence, so artificial intelligence is quite beyond me. It is ever more frequently injected into our lives, however. As I think about it some politicians must surely have had their cerebral cortices infested by AI since natural intelligence would surely not permit them to spew some of the trash they do. I think I will flock with the hummingbirds, know where the food is and be happy! Enjoy your walk today, John.

  16. Dear John my visit to the site transform my day instantly :)))
    What a blessing to be a part of your amazing beautiful walks and looking at majestic sunrise and sunset Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The first sunrise is part Enchanting. Stunning sunrays encompassing clouds created magical beauty. You are great photographer.
    The feeder shots are also spectacular. I love humming birds with the unique size and shining colors and long beak. Each shot of birds is so elegant and I wish I can frame them and hang around in my house walls 😊.
    Sorry but I co read y chat with artif intelligent bot as it appeared little blurred and I f it hard to read on tablet screen.
    I am reading a book these days "book of why" by Judea Pearl who is AI scientist.i have read it more than half until now. According to him creating robots who can th naturally just like human is still long journey ahead. Because to do so we have to understand cause and affect system processing in the human brain which needs really cl insight how our brain works actually regarding logic, reason and emotion.
    Thank you for won sharing!
    Health peace and happiness to you and your family

  17. Hi John,
    Personally I don't think AI will look deep into nature, and then understand everything better. I could be wrong. I'm glad you've found something new that excites you. What excites me is that wonderful photo you took of Mt. Rainier just after sunset. Wow! Double wow!! It is such a beautiful shot.

    I love Canadian geese, as I used to see them all the time when I lived in Reno, Nevada when I was in my twenties. That area was on the flight path of many birds, but I knew little about birds back then, so I just took them for granted. I'm a little envious that you live close to a wonderful place to walk. It's always engaging going on one of your walks through your photos and writing.

    You are so generous with me with your lovely comments, and I always look forward to hearing from you. On blogging, always be yourself. That's the only opinion I have :) Enjoy this week and stay safe. ~Yvonne

  18. I also intended to say thanks for the great Einstein quote above.

  19. Thanks for the great visit John. Wide-ranging conversation (with a real live intelligent person). I enjoyed everything you showed about those things I love and enjoy and also learning more about AI, not a topic on which I've invested much thought, but obviously must. I really do love that you are interested in so many different things (how's the Wordle streak going by the way?) and how you keep learning new ones. Thank you for sharing the joy.

  20. Loving your fabulous photos as always, John.
    Yes, The AI revolution is upon us and and it's starting to take over human jobs.

  21. Fascinating post, John. Just reading an article today about technology. In a nutshell, it was asking the question: With so many wonderful advances in technology, why aren't we happier? Studies have shown that there are more mental health issues and an overall feeling of being "disconnected" from our fellow human beings. Where AI is going to take us is another big question. I'll be sure to check out ChatGPT.

  22. ...the AI revolution is beyond me, I'll just continue to live in my cave. I like the Einstein quote.

  23. Hello John
    Many thanks for your recent comment on the 'Fast Foods' article on the low carb diabetic blog.
    I did go over to 'Jerseymikes' website.

    I do hope 'Jerseymikes' may be willing to offer you a chopped salad that can be customized with protein and vegetables of your choice like the Subway brand do.
    I await to hear from you what their reply will be :)

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    All the best Jan

  24. Beep beep boop!

    I am sure you know just what I mean.

    It is amazing to me, all this technology and talking to robots. I feel sometimes like I am from another era. Everything has changed so fast.

    But still, the quote at the end hold true.

  25. Hello John,

    My son has been diagnosed with dyslexia, which can often make academic tasks such as writing difficult for him. However, we have found a solution that has been incredibly helpful for him. He is using OpenAI chat to assist him in writing his internship report. The advanced technology behind this AI-powered chatbot enables my son to easily communicate his ideas and thoughts, while also providing suggestions and feedback to improve the overall quality of his writing. The natural language processing and understanding demonstrated by ChatGPT is truly remarkable, and it has made a huge difference in my son's ability to complete his assignments effectively. I am grateful for the existence of this tool and its ability to support individuals with learning disabilities.

    I sometime use it to translate my Dutch comment into English :-)

    Thank you for your beautiful blog today. I find the birds so lovely, but most of all the ship photos and the stunning skies. I enjoy reading your blog because it expands my world.

    God bless you,

  26. Hi John; I often see your name on DJan's Sunday blog, I thought I'd check out yours. I very much enjoyed your own AI interaction here, loved the hummingbird photos! My mom dearly loved those birds, and had various feeders lining the roof of her front porch. I often felt like I was being dive bombed when I'd pay her a visit. Congratulations on your recent blog anniversary, looking forward to more here. 🙂


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