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Wonderland of the World 1884

Beginning my 12th year ...

Welcome! I'm celebrating my 12th Anniversary publishing John's Island. My first regular post was on January 1, 2011 and today's post is published post #887. Many complimentary comments have encouraged me to continue posting items from my collection of Yellowstone National Park memorabilia, photos from my daily walks along Seattle's waterfront, sky photos, and a few other things. Thanks to all for stopping by.

From my Yellowstone National Park collection ...

The Wonderland of the World
Published by Northern Pacific Railroad, 1884

Yellowstone National Park was created by an act of the United States Congress in 1872.  The only way to visit the Park at that time was to walk, ride horseback, or take a stage coach. Ten years later, in 1882, Northern Pacific Railroad's transcontinental line, from eastern parts of the country, reached Livingston, Montana, and soon added a spur to Cinnabar, close to the north entrance of the Park. Jay Cooke, founder of the NP Railroad, had supported making Yellowstone a Park so the railroad could profit from it without owning it. The railroad began a guidebook series in 1883 to attract tourists to the Park. This book, The Wonderland of the World, was the 1884 edition of the guidebook series. I've scanned many of the artistic views in the book for you to enjoy below. Be sure to click on the image to get bigger, better view.
Great Falls of the Yellowstone National Park

Views of "Old Faithful" Geyser

Falls on the Gibbon River

Scenery on the Yellowstone Lake

Lake Pend D'Oreille, Idaho

Pillars of Hercules and Rooster Rock --
Columbia River

Interior view of the train.

I could have scanned the entire book for your reading enjoyment. However, Google Books has already done all that work and here is a link to the whole book.

Early January Snaps along my walks ...

First photo.
First walk of the new year.
Looking southeast from my starting point.
Elliott Bay and Mt Rainier in the distance.
The spot here is called "the steps" ...
I take a picture here at the beginning of
every walk to record the sky conditions.

Half of my walk is complete ... 1 mile. (1.6km)
This is my "turn around" spot.
Elliott Bay connects to Puget Sound
which connects to Strait of Juan de Fuca
which connects to the Pacific Ocean.

The SAKIZAYA ORCHID is at Grain Terminal 86.
This ship is operated by WISDOM LINE.
Seattle is one of the West Coast's grain
shipping ports. Most of these grain ships
are headed to Asia.

First day of loading grain, the ship is light ... note the red 
part of the hull and words WISDOM LINE.

Two days later ... most of the red part of the hull is underwater.
This is now a heavy ship ... almost fully loaded.
She sits lower in the water (deeper draft).

Starting picture on a wet day.
January 7th

Starting picture on a dry day.
January 10th

The 274-foot-long vessel is equipped for conducting
multidisciplinary research projects that involve
large teams of scientists.

NOAA Ocean Exploration

January 5 walk started at dawn.

Fire Rescue
Seattle Fire Department
More Info

Other mentions ...

Three hummers on the feeder!
Wow, this is unusual.
Normally ... hummers don't like to share a feeder.
One bird will chase the others away.
There are exceptions ...
In this case, I think it's because many humans
have taken down their hummingbird feeders.
They are unaware that the Anna's species stays in
the Pacific Northwest all year.
With fewer sources of food, the birds get along
better. At least that's my guess.

For my birding friends ... from National Geographic

A newly recognized bird!
Visit the full species account,
currently available for free.

Pocket Heater

Dnaleao Electric Portable Pocket Heater
keeps hands warm on cold walks!
Easy to recharge ... it's great.
From Amazon 2 pack for about $22.
Do you NEED this?  No.
Does it spark joy?  Yes.


Pin it on and wear it everywhere.
Made famous in 1974
to encourage disciplined spending habits.  😊
The WIN button can be worn regardless of your political views.

Bet you haven't heard ...

You heard?
The west side of my walk is the waterfront.
The east side is a railyard for the Grain Terminal.
I get a kick out of some of the graffiti on the rail cars.
(There is plenty!)
I thought this was exceptionally unusual ...
English words are actually spelled out correctly
with proper characters.

Space Needle Fireworks - January 1, 2023

No, I didn't walk up to watch from Kerry Park.
12:00 Midnight
(Screen shot from TV coverage.)

Skies ...

Moments Apart

Walking south, just one big patch of grey clouds.
January 6th

After turning around, walking north, 9 minutes later.
Spotted someone taking a picture with their phone.
Thanks to that person ... I glanced back and 
My OH My! ... what a change!

Olympic Mountains on a clear morning ...

Looking across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island
and on to the Olympic Mountains.
Note the low fog on the Island.
It was a clear, cold morning, January 2, 2023.

Colorful sunsets

January 10 ... five minutes BEFORE sunset

January 10 ...10 minutes AFTER sunset

January 8th

Truly a lucky catch.
January 11th at about 8:05AM
Looking west from home.
Bainbridge Island and the
Olympic Foothills in the distance.

At the bottom of the picture ...
the Smith Cove Marina.
A pot of gold in someone's sailboat?

Closing thought ...

I didn't notice this until I got home, looking over the pictures taken on a rainy walk, January 7th. Looking at the full size image of the gull on a rock, I noticed all the rain drops hitting the water's surface. I really zoomed in and picked out one rain drop. It reminded me of a quote by Alan Watts (see below the photos). One rain drop makes a tiny ripple in the water of Puget Sound and ultimately the Pacific Ocean. The little ripple is clearly there but gone in a second or two. Similar, in a way, to humans and the Universe ... we're here for a while and then gone. Enjoy your days!

“You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.”
     Alan Watts

Published Post # 887


  1. Congratulations John on the milestone. Your blog is unique and I always look forward to it. I hope to see many more posts.

  2. Twelve years of blogging is a remarkable accomplishment, John, and along the way you have brought enjoyment to many. We are all strapping in for the next twelve years so keep on walking - and don't forget to take the camera. All the best - David

  3. Hello John, congrats on your blog anniversary. I am happy to have found your blog and follow the Yellowstone collection, your daily walks, enjoy your lovely views of the Sound, the boats and the gorgeous skies. You do live in a beautiful states, one of my favorite places to visit. The rainbow is a lovely sight to see. It is a simple pleasure to be looking up at the skies. I am glad you are keeping your feeder filled for those sweet hummingbirds. Take care and enjoy each day. Have a happy weekend.

  4. PS, I just noticed you link this morning. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. I am looking forward to many more of your blog post.

  5. ...John, I wish you many more years of enjoy the beautiful sights that surround you.

  6. Happy blogoversary!! Beautiful photos!

  7. I continue to enjoy your wonderful blog posts, John, and am glad to know that you are continuing to bring joy to others as well. Twelve years! Yay for your perseverance. :-)

  8. How amazing to notice the rain drops. And how true about the tiny ripple we all make. Love your cute hummingbirds and the rainbow. Lots of happy things in this post. I'm so glad I've been following you and enjoying your blog for many years. Happy blogging my friend! (I'm off to click on some of your links now!)

  9. Congratulation John, it's always a joy to see your blog and the photos you show

  10. Hello John
    Many congratulations on your 12th Blog Anniversary.
    I do appreciate the photographs you share from your walks.
    The sky shots and sunsets are beautiful, so too the hummingbirds, how lovely to see three at once on the feeder.

    Keep enjoying your walks and sharing the photographs.
    I always enjoy my visits to 'John's Island'

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  11. Happy Blog Anniversary!!
    Beautiful photos along your walk. Spectacular sky photos and awesome rainbow.
    No hand warmers for me. I tuck my hands up inside my sweatshirts and they stay toasty warm. I don't even wear gloves or minutes on my morning walks.

  12. Congratulations on you blog anniversary, great milestone and I wish many more. Always love the pics you post. The sky and rainbow shots are my favourite this time.

  13. Feliz aniversario ame las imagenes de las cataratas te mando un beso.

  14. Oh how I loved this whole post John! Your "first post of the morning walk" is the best idea. I'm glad you post the gray foggy days as well as the beautiful ones (which outnumber the bad) but I swear if it weren't for the foggy gray days up there I'd be wishing for a magic carpet -- you live in such a fantastically beautiful spot!! The Yellowstone collection is fun too -- the good old days (even older than me!)

  15. ...if I walked along your route, it would take me forever to reach the end. There too much neat stuff to stop and photograph. Take care and stay well.

  16. Thanks for giving me the links about the vinyl records. You are such a good friend! Wish you were here to listen to some of my 'oldies'! Happy weekend!

  17. Happy Blogaversary, John.
    I always enjoy stopping by at your amazing blog.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous photos.

  18. Hello John :=) Congratulations on your bog anniversary. You beat me to it! My first post of just one photo was in August 2011. I have enjoyed this post immensely as there are so many different things to see. Your sky shots are all beautiful, the sunsets, rainbow, and those red clouds that suddenly appeared as if by magic out of a dark cloudy sky.

    The hummers are always an enjoyable feast for the eyes, and that new species called the Ruvu Weaver is beautiful.

    I was intrigued by how low the red part of the hull sank low into the water after the grain had been loaded on to the grain ship. It's incredible how heavy they get with the extra weight. I am reminded of how the price of my breakfast cereal has soared, but I digress

    My late husband used to go walking with those pocket hand warmers, they are a wonderful invention, and also make a nice gift.

    I clicked on your first link The Wonderland of the World, and saw the pictures in more detail and the scenery is spectacular.

    The raindrop at the end of your post is a fantastic shot, it's just a drop in the ocean and the ripple is gone in the blink of an eye. It's good to remember that we are also only here for a short time, so lets not waste a second.

    Before I go I want to thank you for stopping by my blog when i had to take a break, and making a kind get well comment. It was very much appreciated. :=)

  19. In the more than 20 years that I have lived in the US I visited Yellowstone four or five times and I loved it every single time. For me it is one of the most inspiring places I have ever been to. It's been a while since I was there last, so it would be time to visit again. Maybe early in the summer when it is still not that crowded.
    Congratulations on 12 years of blogging!


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