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Lost and Found

Rediscovering the WPA Poster Art

of Our National Parks 

My newest book by Douglass Leen
is a PRIZE for anyone who 
loves our National Parks
(Dust cover)

Ranger of the Lost Art
by Douglas Leen
Printed at Paragon Press, Salt Lake City, UT
Hand bound at Roswell Bindery of Phoenix

Closer look at cover art


An article appeared in the Seattle Times on October 23, 2023, "Seattle adventurer uncovers hidden history of national park posters." Later, in November, the Times announced: Please join Ranger Doug for a book signing this weekend, for his new book Ranger of the Lost Art, November 4, 2023 at Ranger Doug’s Headquarters, 25 Nickerson Street, Seattle WA, 10AM-3PM.  I was there to purchase a copy of the new book ...

Title Page
Signed by Doug

Thank you Doug!

The story of this book via The Seattle Times:

By Gregory Scruggs

 In 1971, when Doug Leen was a Grand Teton National Park ranger in his early 20s, his boss assigned him to clean out a barn, its contents destined for the dump. A silk-screen print on stiff cardboard caught his eye. Above the peaks of the Grand Tetons, “MEET THE RANGER NATURALIST AT JENNY LAKE MUSEUM” was printed on the poster in bold, green and purple type. Despite stains marring the poster, Leen could see its artistry. He took it back to his cabin.

A half-century later, that encounter has become the life’s work of this former Seattle dentist turned Alaskan frontiersman. His goal: uncover the forgotten history of National Park poster art created by designers and printers working for the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression.

Decades of archival sleuthing, gallery auctions, junk store reconnaissance and negotiations with private collectors have culminated in Leen’s new book.

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Pages 42 - 43
Showing the Wind Cave poster.
By the way, if you enjoy critters like
the buffalo in the poster above,
check out Saturday's Critters.

Ranger Doug
Credit: Kevin Clark / The Seattle Times


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