Saturday, March 5, 2022

Mission Accomplished

One year ago I challenged myself to walk about 2 miles, almost every day, for a year. As of today I've completed the challenge, missing only 12 days in the last 365.

Mt Rainier on a clear morning just before sunrise.
February 25  6:51AM
[Click on images for larger view]

I have been walking on Seattle's Elliott Bay Trail which goes right along the waterfront. I like to walk early in the morning and every day I take my camera along to snap a few photos of things that interest me. For the last year most of the photos here on the blog have been taken on the walks with a few others taken from home.

Ducks seen in the last couple of weeks.
For more critters visit Saturday's Critters

Marine vessels seen in the last couple of weeks.
Top left: High Speed Passenger Ferry enroute Seattle
(Zoomed in a lot but liked the morning sun.)
Bottom left: Foss Tug
Top right: Ship loading at Grain Terminal
Bottom right: Ship at anchor awaiting Grain Terminal


Top left:  Rainy morning
Bottom left: Reflections
Top right: Reading while walking ... can you do this? 😉
Bottom right: Frosty morning

Recent shots of hummers around home.

Brilliant sunset March 2nd  5:57PM
The view is looking to the west from Seattle

Sunsets from home, except bottom right ...
just before sunrise at start of walk.

Linking up with Michelle's Thankful Thursday  Thankful to have a place to link up Mission Accomplished. Thanks Michelle!

John's closing thought ... A daily walk can become a great habit. I highly recommend it.


  1. John I am in awe what you have done and your commitment in doing that every day for a year. Like you I take a camera with me when I go out and if I have not got a camera then I have my iPhone which I have used a lot. I think you have give us all a challenge to try ourselves

    1. Hi Bill, Thanks for the kind words. After the first couple of months the walks became a habit. It's amazing ... today, I would rather walk than stay home. I hope you will give it a try and do take your camera along and share some pics with us on your excellent blog. John

  2. There's something very satisfying in repeating a walk through all the seasons. I'm glad you not only did it but shared, too.

    1. Thank you, Boud, for the kind words. Your blog has been one of my inspirations. John

  3. Hello John,
    Congrats on completing your walk challenge, well done. Gorgeous capture of Mt Rainier. Great captures of the ships. I really love the ducks and your hummingbird collages and images. I would love to see the two Goldeneye ducks, they are beautiful. The reflection of the tree in the puddle is a favorite. Your sunset and sky photos are gorgeous. What a lovely post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

    1. Hi Eileen, I always look forward to your comments. Thank you for all the kind words. You are one of my blogging friends that has inspired me to share the photos taken along the walks. Also, thank you for hosting and sharing Saturday's Critters. I sure appreciate the opportunity to link up. Have a great weekend and take good care. John

  4. So is it on to the second year now? Beautiful pictures. The tree reflected in the puddle really caught my attention.

    1. Ruth, Your question sent me back to my blog archive to March, April, May, and June of 2019. For those 4 months I walked about 3 miles around Green Lake every day. For several reasons, around the beginning of July of that year I stopped my daily walks. At that point in time I was feeling better, in a general health way, than I had for several years. So, when I started my challenge in 2021, I recalled the health benefits but wasn’t sure if I would see the same kind of improvement in overall condition. As things unfolded over the past year these daily walks became a habit. Now, when I wake up each day I like to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, get dressed, and get down to start the walk. So, for at least this time in my life, I’ve developed a healthy habit that is totally enjoyable. Yes, it’s on to year number two! Thanks again, John

  5. Good for you for getting all those walks in!!!
    Your walking photos are fabulous. Wow those skies are amazing.
    I agree with your closing statement. I've been taking a daily morning walk for over 30 years!!

  6. Great challenge and accomplishment, John. Isn’t it amazing that there is always something different to see along the way? The same route provides so much to see over time. I have enjoyed going along with you. You have the goldeneyes and mergansers like we have here. Great birds! Wonderful photos! Walk on, John!

  7. I love this post! It make me realize how much I've enjoyed your walks with you ever since I discovered your blog. And all those incredible pictures, too! My favorite is also the tree reflection, which looks a lot like the image I saw in my optometrist's office of the insides of my eyeball! :-)

  8. Hi JOHN- Good to see your photos- I like the Ships and Ducks. We are into our sixteenth day of straight rain- severe flooding to the north of our state- not a good start to Autumn. Stay well there in Seattle. Cheers. KEV.

  9. Congratulations on meeting your self-challenge! Your pictures, as always, are wonderful!

  10. Bravo! I am so proud of you, that is true commitment and I love that you carry your camera with you, because, young man, you take some amazing photos. We are blessed that you share them here with us. The one you titled "Reflections" made my old heart skip a little beat. Again, Bravo!!!

  11. A daily walk gives you many opportunities for great photos.

  12. Hello John, :=) Congratulations on achieving your goal.I'm quite sure you are a fitter man than before your challenge.I enjoy your diverse captures of whatever you see during your walks. The four different species of ducks was a good find, and great captures of the marine vessels.The reflection in the puddle of water turned out so well and is a brilliant capture. I hope the girl reading whilst walking didn't fall in the sea, Although part of me is thinking serves her right if she did! :=) Beautiful Hummingbird, and sky shots, and as always I enjoy seeing your shots of Mt Rainier,in the early morning light.
    Lovely post, an inspiration to those of your followers who might take up walking because of your own achievement.

  13. I love to walk and go out almost every day! I sure couldn't READ and walk though. When I look around for birds, I don't even walk in a straight line! heehee! Love the beautiful views where you live! Enjoy your afternoon! (I walked this morning while it was in the cool 60s!)

  14. If you can improve your cardiovascular status and see ducks in the bargain that's as good as it gets! I am especially envious of the Barrow's Goldeneye.

  15. Great accomplishment John - and great pics too :)

  16. Your walks are wonderful -- you set a worthy goal and stuck to it. And you inspire me to be more faithful about getting out there every day. (I'll have to imagine gorgeous Mt Rainier and the wonderful waterway views of course -- you have to admit you have one of the most beautiful possible places to get your daily walk!) I picture you coming in from your daily walk, sitting down with your coffee and your Wordle ;>)

  17. What an accomplishment your daily walks have been. One year and counting! I always enjoy your blog photos, John. You have such a great eye for a good photo!

  18. Amazing skies John, beautiful pictures of your walks, and the first image of Mt Rainier is so attractive.
    Greetings from Turin!

  19. Hello John
    This is a lovely post.
    Well done on completing the challenge, and please keep on enjoying your daily walks and sharing your lovely photographs.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  20. heartfelt congrats for about to be complete walk challenge dear John !

    i love walking and it is proven that though unlike you i can't walk on beautiful trails i still do it within thirty by forty yard ,the piece of sky i have upon my yard gives me enough joy similar to wide open sky outside because taking joy from what i have is gift and i have it thankfully .

    Oh my your second March sky is dramatic, awesome ,stunning and mysterious wow what a shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    loved the birds and duck images ,so delightful!
    thank you for enlightening my day !
    blessings to you and family!

  21. and reading while walking made me smile ,what a hurry .
    reflection on the road is amazing and captivating

  22. Me alegro que te vaya bien al caminar y si ayuda mucho hacerlo. Me gustaron las imagenes de los patos. Te mando un beso.


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