Saturday, March 19, 2022

Early March in Seattle

 Yesterday morning, before my walk, I looked out to see the full Worm Moon. The Worm Moon is the last full moon of winter. The name refers to the time of year when worm-looking beetle larvae emerge from the bark of trees as spring approaches and temperatures warm.

Full Worm Moon, March 18th
behind a thin layer of clouds.

Unusual sunset,
March 8th

Sunset with a silver lining,
March 9th


Thanks to those who let me know this is
a Double-crested Cormorant.

Mr and Mrs Mallard

Mr Mallard
Be sure to check out Saturday's Critters!

Canada Goose
During the several minutes I watched this bird,
it did not move, and it stayed on one foot the entire time.
I am curious if it is just resting on one foot,
 or does it have just one foot?

Port Pics

First day of "Daylight Saving" and
 it is dark again as I start my walk.

First fishing vessel to see in a while.

Morning of March 18th.
Green for day before ... St Patrick's Day

Newest grain ship at the Grain Terminal
The Okinawa

The Monrovia flag always catches my attention.

Nice to see a fully loaded container ship arriving.
Note the variety of containers.

Darya Shanti being loaded with grain from our Midwest farms.

Along my walk

Signs of Spring

Early light of sunrise tints the sky ...
clouds blanket the top of Mt Rainier. 

Mount Rainier on two different mornings.

Couldn't believe I was seeing this photo in New York Times.
For a moment, I thought it was mine. Ha Ha.
Must have been taken from the same spot 
where I take a daily start photo for my walks.
The image here is a screen shot from NYT online.
PRINT EDITION Restoring Nature While Building - March 16, 2022, Page B7

Compare to NYT's pic above.

This morning - Saturday, March 19, 2022  7:57AM

Always tempting.

John's closing thought ...

Russia's "Special Military Operation" is a tragedy for humanity.


  1. Hello, John!
    Wonderful captures of the Double-crested Cormorant, the Mallard ducks and Canada Geese. You do have some great sightings on your morning walks. I enjoy seeing the signs of Spring, a favorite time of the year. The budding trees are beautiful. Great captures of the ships and the lovely skies. I like the view from the bench. I pray for Ukraine and peace in the world. Wonderful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. Hello John: I am happy to confirm that the cormorants are indeed Double-crested Cormorants.

  3. As a postscript to the comment I just left it occurred to me that the scientific name of this species may have caused you a little confusion. For many years it was in the genus Phalacrocorax but was reassigned to Nannopterum. Perhaps Nannopterum auritus would have been unfamiliar to you, whereas Phalacrocorax auritus would have rung the proverbial bell!

  4. That photo really DOES look like yours! WOW! Love seeing your birds and Spring flowers but I always enjoy the ships and boats the most. Just amazing what you see on your walk each day. Enjoy your week! I walked this morning before it got warm.

  5. They certainly look like our local cormorants, yes, foes of local fishermen, because they snaffle the fish so expertly. Lovely views again. We had clouds and haven't seen the Worm Moon yet.

  6. Wow! Green grass and flowers. I love that. Today we have had significant snow melt, but we are weeks away from any new growth. Thanks for these lovely photos.

  7. So many wonderful photos. Love the pink sky!
    That does look like one of your photos. :)

  8. Wonderful variety in your post today. Love the birds especially. The activity on the port is always interesting to me. Our bay is still covered in ice.

  9. You really get the felling of spring from these photos.

  10. Me gustaron las fotografías del cielo y los patos. Concuerdo con tu opinión de Ucrania. Te mando un beso.

  11. Hi JOHN- lovely photos along your walks- great photos for sure...yes, the Ukraine...a very sad state of affairs- could be the trigger for WW3...hope it will all be over- the sooner the better! Best Wishes. KEV.

  12. I love these wonderful pictures, every one. It is interesting to see that both you and the NYT photographer know a good place to shoot! And I too enjoy seeing the activity at the ports. I do pray for Ukraine every day.

  13. Great shot of the worm moon and beautiful sunsets. Beautiful birds. Amazing the geese can balance itself on one leg for such a long time. Lovely signs of spring and love the sunrises. Have a wonderful new week.

  14. Very nice, John. All photos. The birds. And that one sky photo I like most.

  15. Hello John
    Another lovely post from you.
    Once again I must heap praise on your beautiful photographs. Such wonderful variety an absolute joy to see.
    The skies truly are beautiful.

    Here in my part of the UK we have been fortunate to enjoy some lovely weather and it has been so enjoyable to be out walking and seeing the Spring flowers. I really should take some photographs ...

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  16. Hello John. :=) Interesting fact about the Worm of the reasons I like blogging, you learn new things every day. Your capture of the sky with beautiful cloud formations is so lovely, it is, an unusual sunset, and your delightful spring images of flowers and trees are a welcome sight. Beautiful shots of the Mallards, and Double-breasted Cormorants. As water birds sometimes stand on one leg I think the goose is doing just that.The ships with their lights glowing in the early morning darkness are wonderful captures, as is the photo of Mnt Rainier, ..what a glorious sky. I sometimes wonder how container ships can carry so much cargo, without sinking! Ha ha, that's probably a silly remark, as they are built to do just that, but I still think it's remarkable. The N Y T's photographer had been watching you, and knew just were to get the best shot.:=) I am now wondering what the article was about! My prayers are for peace in the world and for Our Lord to help the people of Ukraine.
    Enjoy your day in Seattle John, and thanks for the pun about it on my blog.:))

  17. Hello John,
    how many fine images here! The full Worm Moon is so interesting and the the sunsets are amazing.
    I am praying much for Ukraine and hope this tragedy will finish soon.
    Greetings from Turin

  18. Thank you for your closing thought -- I wish we could do something. Anything. ... oh and John you could and probably should be the Seattle-area photographer for the NYT (or for anywhere at all as you document your area so beautifully.) I imagine it feels funny to be starting your walk in the dark again. Do you think it will actually happen that we change to DST all year-round? ...Thank you for the reminder of how beautiful Early spring is (must confess that your pictures made me a little homesick for our corner of the Pacific Northwest).

  19. Wonderful photos, John!! I specially enjoyed the port and ship, and Mt. Rainier ones. Beautiful colours. Ukraine is in my thoughts constantly. Your photos certainly brought comfort.


  20. The silver lining really caught my eye. Don't know if I have ever seen that before.
    Stunning photos, John, and I got a kick out of the NYT photo.

  21. Adore la foto de la luna y las de los arboles. Te mando un beso y concuerdo contigo lo que pasa entre Rusia y Ucrania es una tragedia.

  22. Hey, John! It's been a while since I've visited but I love how your posts haven't changed. Love that full moon shot and it's just now that I'm learning what full worm moon means. The port photos are so nostalgic. Hope you're doing well, my friend.

    Lux - About Life and Love blog


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