Sunday, November 11, 2018

San Diego Sunday

Fall Coastal Cruise -
October 21, 2018

Sunday morning and we've arrived in San Diego. Per my usual routine I snapped the elevator carpet and, on the way to Lido for coffee, happened to snap the map in the Lobby that tracks our voyage. Looks like we will be in Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday, but then ...

Back in my stateroom a letter from the Captain is on the bed ...

Click for larger image ... which I hope you can read.

Hurricane Willa, headed for Mexico, has forced a change of itinerary ... so, our next stop is now San Francisco! While we're stopped here in San Diego about 800 passengers, who have been with us since Vancouver, will be getting off and new passengers will board, they have all signed up for the next 7 days and expect to be going to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. As you can imagine, there are some unhappy cruisers aboard. Safety first, as they say, and I, for one, am happy to be heading to San Francisco, L.A., Catalina Island, and Ensenada.

The San Diego Cruise Terminal is right in front of downtown.

A short walk of a few blocks gets me to the classic
Santa Fe Station. (You know I love trains, right?)

Later in the afternoon snapped this pic of Star of India and
happened to catch a Southwest flight about to land at
San Diego International about 1 mile away.
A great day: Ships, Trains, and Planes!

View from Aft Deck as we depart.
The other cruise ship is the Norwegian Pearl.
The Pearl was also affected by Hurricane Willa
Next: Golden Gate Sunrise
Previously, on this cruise Vancouver BC and Astoria, OR

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  1. Hello, I think it is best to be safe than sorry. I would welcome the change of itinerary over going through hurricane. The photo of the ship and plane is a great capture. San Francisco is a beautiful city and I love Catalina Island too. Great ports of call! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  2. Hi John, it is great that you have such a good attitude about your change of itinerary; I am sure that you are in the minority. Life is filled with changes of plans and this one sounds like a good one.
    Be safe my friend.
    Connie :)

  3. That sounds like it was good choice on the part of the captain. And what a surprise to learn that you are into trains! :-)

  4. Oh my! You got to see so many different things and all are interesting.

  5. It's different when you're on the boat rather than looking at boats from the shore.


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