Sunday, November 25, 2018

Ships and Skies - November 2018

Welcome to John's Island
All pics in this post taken from home ... Seattle, WA, USA

November 17th  4:26 PM
[Please click on images for larger view.]

November 17th  4:26 PM
(Seconds later than first photo.)
As the sun sets it is reflected in windows of homes
across the Interbay Valley appearing almost like fire.

November 11th  7:49 AM
Visiting for a few days and docked at Pier 91
National Geographic's Venture
Preparing to head south for the winter.

Zoomed in ... National Geographic Venture
I may have found my next adventure.

November 7th  7:20 AM
A most unusual overnight snow in the Olympic Mountains
coated Mount Olympus but not the closer mountains.
Mount Olympus - Washington

From home ... normally difficult to distinguish at this
distance ... Mount Olympus clearly defined by snow.

November 6th  4:57 PM
Just after sunset Mersk Cargo Vessel arriving in Port.
In this photo I like the lights along the top edge of the hull.

November 11th  7:19 AM
Early morning fog had just cleared.
MS Shanghai Express
Docking this vessel must be a challenge.

November 22nd  8:17 AM
Hamburg Süd - Cap Jervis departing in the early morning sun.
Hamburg Süd Shipping Website

November 25th  8:07 AM
Evergreen Cargo Vessel
The Victoria Clipper
both northbound in Puget Sound.
Note the fog in valley on other side of Bainbridge Island.
Mostly sunny skies, about 40F.

November 8th  4:36 PM
Special treat ... Sun Pillar

November 8th  4:45 PM
Always happy to link up with
Skywatch Friday

November 2nd  9:23 AM
Unusually bright and wide rainbow over
Puget Sound.
Lucky boat at rainbow's end?

November 18th  5:11 PM
** Happy Holidays from Expedia Construction Team **
Expedia Announces Move to Seattle in 2020
(The new Headquarters Campus will be right below me.
Views will be changed, but hopefully not water views.)
Thanks for stopping by John's Island.
Postscript: This year, for the first time in 55 years, on November 22, I did not hear, see, or think anything about John F. Kennedy. Amazing!


  1. Wow, so many gorgeous sky photos. The sun pillar is cool and I love the rainbow and sunset. Neat views of the ships, the National Geographic Venture is interesting. Wonderful post and lovely series of photos. Enjoy your day, have a great new week ahead!

  2. Lovely photos, John! I feel like I went on a trip.

  3. Wonderful pictures. Especially the sky ones.

    Best wishes. God bless.

  4. It was the same for me about the date, John! In time, everything becomes a distant memory. Great pictures, as always. :-)

  5. John, this is a most amazing set of photos.I'm glad I don't need to pick a favourite as that would be impossible.Have a great week.

  6. I really like your No. 8 sky shot that has the curling clouds and lots of color.

  7. Ahhh such an absorbing beauty you are surrounded by dear John!

    thank you so much for making my day with glory of your area!!!

  8. That sunset is a beauty and the reflection in the window in number 2 is amazing.
    Beautiful rainbow and like you said rare to see one so wide. Great capture.

  9. I love your second picture. So nice. Have a good week, John!

  10. John,
    It is a shear delight to view your masterful photos - love the variety of ships and the scenery- the mountains are spectacular. About John.F.Kennedy...I remember well my Mother hearing the news of JFK over the radio in the morning and the tears flowed with the news that "The President of America has been shot and killed"... I remember well Mum saying: "He was such a good and great man"....I think the World changed then for worse and again later when John Lennon was shot- the World changed for us. Regards. KEV. ( Australia).

  11. Superb photos as ever youhave taken John, te sunsets and ships are the ones I love seeing. Thanks for the comment on my blog and about my name though I very nearly used Blue Hat but as there is a Childrens book called Bill Blue Hat I thought I'd leave it. Have a great weekend


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