Saturday, December 15, 2018

Cold December Sunrise

Welcome to John's Island. This is post #44 for 2018 and maybe I'll get in a couple more before it's all over. In reflecting on 2018 I tried to come up with one word that would describe it and settled on "unbelieveable". According to the dictionary, the word means "not able to be believed; unlikely to be true". Well, here's my thought process on that ... Looking back to the years when I was just a kid (yes, a few decades ago) I didn't really believe Dick Tracy's Wrist Radio would be reality during my life. The Apple Watch is reality. I could not have imagined driving around with a little device that would tell me exactly how to get somewhere and how long it would take. Nor that the same little device would let me carry around the answer to almost any question in my pocket. I could go on and on all the way to the state of civility in this world, but I think you know what I'm saying. So, how about it ... is "unbelieveable" a good word for 2018? I hope you'll let me know in the comments and thank you!

Mostly Skies

Seattle from Kerry Park
Cold, mostly clear, December 6th  7:49 AM
Always happy to link up with Skywatch Friday
and thanks to Alan for hosting!

Braving the cold for photos December 6th at Kerry Park.
No, this is not a selfie! :-)
I do admire the camera gear.
However, I wonder how much better their pics turn out
than my little Canon Powershot sx730 used here.

Elliott Bay Marina, Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains
Nearly sunset, December 5th

Cold afternoon sun over Puget Sound
December 5th

November 6th  4:33 PM

November 29th  4:26 PM
Unusual, to say the least.
What a difference a day makes ... next two photos ...

December 2nd  4:17 PM

December 3rd  4:15 PM

December 1st  7:53 AM

Coast Guard Cutter Haley

November 30th  10:33 AM
See the Cutter's Facebook post (screen shot below).
Healy home after 4 months away.

Love the Healy's Logo
 Winter Solstice Soon

The older I get, the more fascinated I am with the seasons. On my wish list ... Visit Stonehenge. However, the Stonehenge Solstice Festival looks pretty crowded ... see last photo below.

(By garethwiscombe
Solstice in Seattle will be next Friday ... and thank you for the info.
Stonehenge Solstice Festival Dec 22nd 2015
via UK Express
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  1. Hello, your sky images are just beautiful. Lovely captures. The Stonehenge Solstice Festival looks like a fun time. Unbelievable is a good word for 2018. Enjoy your day and weekend.

  2. Beautiful sky shots! I think unbelievable captures it quite well, especially in regards to the amazing technological advances we've seen!

  3. I have a different unbelievable. It's unbelievable how politics have slid into chaos and nothing is accomplished.

  4. Yes, that is a good word for this year. My sister also got herself an Apple Watch and used the same phrase about Dick Tracy when explaining it to me. I love your pretty sky watch pictures, too. It's always nice to see your "face" show up in my news feed, John. :-)

  5. Wow those sky images are fabulous. Dec 2 is my favorite.

  6. Unbelievable, is a very good word to describe 2018. We have so many devices that only a few years ago would have seemed a dream. Your pictures are unbelievable as well, so beautiful.Have a wonderful day and thanks again for leaving such kind comments on my blog.

  7. Those skies are unbelievable! So yes - good word.

  8. Hi John. Yes, "Unbelievable" sums up the level of modern techno things...I find it hard to understand how millions and millions of people access their Mobile Phones from virtually anywhere to take a call or send/receive a IS the stuff of what we saw as Sci-Fi back in 1966 -and just dreaming about the "wouldn't it be fantastic -IF" it is all here. Love your Sunsets. I've been to Stonehenge back in 2015...incredibly cold in April-May and it was all roped off at a distance of 50 feet- and you couldn't touch it...seems that for decades unscrupulous visitors were taking home free samples an the stones were being severely damaged. Hope you get to visit Stonehenge. Best Wishes. KEV.

  9. John your photographs are amazing. You know that it does not matter how expensive the camera equipment is, it's the eye of the photographer and the lighting that matters and you have that down to perfection:)
    Merry Christmas!
    Connie :)


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