Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Sea Birds

Sea Birds Spotted

Last weekend I spotted a couple of "sea birds" on my waterfront walk. I thought my birding friends would enjoy seeing these big birds.

View of Elliott Bay, Seattle, at the start of
April 7th waterfront walk. A yellow star is right above
the sea bird. Closer look in the next picture.

Yes, it's the Sea Bird.
A different kind of bird at that. 😊
The Sea Bird is a bulk carrier
loading up with grain, at the
Terminal 86 Grain Facility, probably
destined for Asia.

And yet another bird ... The Northern Eagle
A fishing vessel preparing for the 2024
fishing season in Alaskan waters.

Each year I try to include a shot of the
first cruise ship of the season to visit
the Port of Seattle. The 
Norwegian Bliss takes the honors
this year. In this photo she is
departing, April 7th, a little after 4PM,
en route to Juneau, Alaska.

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. LOL, you had me when you said you spotted sea birds. I like the names of the ships, great photos. I have great memories of our cruise from Seattle to Alaska! Take care, have a great day and happy week ahead.

  2. Beautiful, John!

    I like the name Sea Bird.

  3. Great that you are able to take photos of these big birds and other ships!

  4. That is a different kind of sea bird, for sure. I love your thoughtful posts, and I almost always learn something new. :-)

  5. Such a busy port. I fear I would get little walking done and more watching.

  6. I'm glad I'm able to comment again. It's fascinating to me to see cargo ships taking massive amounts of grain eastward. Or westward, depending on where you stand! These are completely out of my experience, so thank you for bringing them in. Not so much the cruise ships, not favorites of the earth.

  7. I would like to do some watching/exploring there.

  8. Good story to go along with the ships.

  9. Those cargo ships are huge. I had no idea how large they were until Steve's cousin who was a captain on one invited us a board when it was in Seattle for repairs. Everything about them is huge I was amazed at the size of the chains that were used for the anchors.
    Oh how I miss the water and sailing, there's something so relaxing about being out on the water.

  10. You are so funny and clever. I looked at the photo first and thought "where are the sea birds". I had a laugh when I saw the second photo. I trust you are doing well this week, John. A cruise to Alaska this time of year sounds wonderful. Maybe I can beam myself over there.

  11. Hello John :=)
    You had me completely fooled with your title, but it was interesting to see these cargo ships with such great names and also the cruise ship "Northern Bliss " what a lovely name.There is always lots going on to entertain you and us on your walks.
    All the best

  12. Your posts always bring a smile to my face, John.
    I must admit, you got me with the title – I was expecting some majestic seabirds, but the Sea Bird and Northern Eagle are just as fascinating, if not more so!
    It's incredible to see the hustle and bustle of the port and the variety of vessels that pass through.
    Thank you for sharing your waterfront adventures with us!

  13. ...birds that I wouldn't see here. If I go to nearby Lake Ontario I can see lake freighters bringing portland cement into the small port of Rochester. Thanks John for showing me around your neck of the woods.

  14. LOL :)

    They are a different sort of Sea Bird!
    Great pictures.

    All the best Jan

  15. glad you spotted sea birds on your way to walk dear John
    the type of sea bird you mentioned are totally unfamiliar to me lol
    thanks for beautiful glimpse of first ship of the season departing away .
    best wishes for you and family!


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