Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Seasonal Lights

John wishes to send Season's Greetings to all followers and new visitors as well.  Just to set the mood, here are a few photos of seasonal lighting around our home base and one from a follower in Texas!

We would like to say this is the Official John's
Island tree, but, of course, it is not ... it's
the city of Seattle tree 2010.

Westlake Plaza

Hotel Andra

Out of the archives --- Eddie's store is now something else but FedEx still has
the same uniform and shorts in December. Yes, the lights are on
the trees again.

Downtown Seattle 

From one of our followers:  a great shot of the moon over a
colorful home!  Special thanks to MacTexas!

You'll have to look hard to see the holiday lighting inside the glass
structure in the center.  Mostly, John just likes the ambiance of the setting.
In Seattle's International District.

Hotel Olive 8 does a nice job with their small trees.

Macy's star ... a tradition.
Thanks for stopping by John's Island.  


  1. Great photos, been a long time since I visited Seattle, but love seeing the changes and how pretty it looks all decked out fro Christmas. Thanks for sharing John!

  2. lovely, but that macy's star wins, for sure. simple and so effective!

  3. ALl are great pictures,but the Macy's star does take first place. That must really make an impact.

  4. Stunning festive photographs, John! Seattle is so very pretty this time of year. They all are lovely but I am especially fond of the city of Seattle tree and Macy's star. Beautiful, bright and brilliant! Happy Holidays to you!

  5. Beautiful shots! I always enjoy seeing the lights of the season!


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