Saturday, March 29, 2014

Journey South - Aruba - Butterfly Farm

This sign greets you on arrival at Port of Aruba
Boarding busses with fellow travelers
for various tours of the island.

Those things that look like jet engines --- the crew
refers to them as "BSTs" --- they actually have
no purpose except decoration, so they are
just the "Big Silver Things" ... BST
The most interesting thing (in John's humble opinion) on
Aruba is the Butterfly Farm
Welcome to the Farm

Wish I knew the name of all these butterflies. They
are kept in a very large screened-in area.

They may land right on you.

They enjoy dining on fruit

They also move pollen around like bees

These blue ones are hard to capture. Not a perfect focus
here, but close.

Is the color of the butterfly and the flower
just a coincidental match?

Black and White



The one blue one, with wings open, is the same
type of butterfly as the others with wings closed.

One Happy Island
Next segment:  Cartagena, Columbia, South America.

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. and of course you KNOW how I'd LOVE to visit that place! Super shots John!!

  2. WOW!! WOW!!! This would be a photographers dream come true.

  3. Hi John!!! Beautiful snaps of the butterflies. It reminds me of several visits to different butterfly farms where it's always an enchanting experience. For my most latest visit, a big butterfly landed on my head and didn't want to fly away! I didn't know butterflies can be clingy :p

  4. Just SUPERB images! Lucky you who have actually BEEn there.
    Nice blog you have.
    Greetings from Stavanger / Norway.


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