Saturday, May 6, 2017

GREAT Ship(s) / Blooms / Postcards / Skies

Yes, this the GREAT Container Ship

Love the name.

Great Info from

Recent GREAT Ports of Call via

More Ships

All photos of ships are our own, unless otherwise specified. Our location in Seattle looks out over Puget Sound to the west, Bainbridge Island, and the Olympic Mountain Range.

Bulk Carrier waiting its time at the Grain Terminal
One of our favorites, just based on its name!

Twinkle Island!

CMA CGM Container Ship

China Shipping Line

Load of Logs
Departing Puget Sound for Asia

MSC Container Ship

Alaska Maritime Tug and Barge

Aircraft Carrier enroute Bremerton WA
Accompanied by smaller security vessels.

USS Nimitz
Early morning, April 28, 2017

Icebreaker 10 - The Polar Star

First of the Season Cruise Ship in Seattle

Holland America Eurodam
As seen from our vantage point overlooking the Cruise Terminal
April 29th  3:47 PM
The Holland America Eurodam arrived in Seattle, on April 29th. She docked at Pier 91 and was the first cruise ship of the Summer 2017 Season to visit Seattle. A more recent photo of the Eurodam is below as she arrived in Seattle on Saturday morning, May 6th, completing the first weekly adventure to Alaska.

Holland America Eurodam
Arriving Seattle, May 6th  5:21 AM
After 1st round-trip Seattle - Alaska - Seattle

Panama Canal Update

Disney Wonder first passenger vessel through expanded
Panama Canal
Photo Courtesy Disney Cruise Line
To our Maritime Friends:  You are aware of the Panama Canal's expansion project which was completed last year. Although the new locks have been open for about 10 months, the Disney Wonder was the first passenger ship to transit last Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Picture Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line
On May 2, 2017, four days ago, the Canal hosted its biggest ship yet: the COSCO Development, a Hong Kong ship that can hold over 13,000 18-foot cargo containers, and is as long as the Eiffel Tower is tall.
Cosco Development - Biggest Ship through expanded Panama
Canal so far
Photo Courtesy Panama Canal Authority
Want more info about the new Canal expansion?  Check out the video below, published by the Panama Canal Authority.

Spring 17 Blooms

All bloom pics are from recent walks in the neighborhood.




Postcards for the Weekend #36 - Traditional Craft Work

Linking up with Maria's Postcards for the Weekend where the theme for this week is "traditional craft work." Thanks to Maria for hosting. If you would like to see what other bloggers have chosen to post this week please follow the link to Maria’s blog for postcards worth viewing. Our contribution this week features a very old postcard titled "Indian Papoose" ... a Native American child carrier. How do you like the craft work?

Art by H H Tammen
Indian Papoose

Copyright 1903

Back of the unused card.

SkyWatch - Late April, Early May

Clouds and peaks.
Olympic Mountains

Storm Front moves through on May 4th
A most unusual thunderstorm afternoon.

Wondering if that is a new land slide in the Olympics?

Colorful sunset.
May 4th  8:31 PM

Even more colorful sunset.
April 13, 2017, 8:02 PM

Closing thought ...
    A life properly lived is just learn, learn, learn, all the time.
    Charlie Munger, May 6, 2017


  1. John your posts are always so educational. I love learning more about our beautiful state. You bring industry and beauty together . . . those sunset photo are beautiful. I think that I told you about getting a tour of my husband's cousin ship. Those cargo ships are huge and when unloaded like this one was when we toured it, very high above the water:)

  2. John, I always l always love seeing the ships. Nice! Always a learning experience for me when I visit.

  3. I like the container ships, so colorful.
    Beautiful blooms.
    The last picture of the sunset is spectacular.

  4. Wow! I've never heard of the Indian papoose before. The child looks pleased with the carrier :D It must be warm & comfy.

    Welcome back to blogging world, John!

    PS. I love the red tulip. I hope you're enjoying the onset of spring.

  5. You have an awesome view of marine traffic and sunsets. You chose an excellent location to live.

  6. Amazing photos. I remember Jake talking about the Nimitz.He loved learning about these ships. The mountain scenes are fantastic and of course the flowers beautiful. Thanks for sharing so many fascinating and beautiful shots.

  7. I'm looking at those cargo ships, wondering if containers ever fall off. There could be giant crates of iPhones, TVs, shoes...just sitting on the ocean floor. :) What will future explorers think of us? (That we stores things in crates at the bottom of the sea!)

    Love the red tulips!

  8. Beautiful shots as always, John. Do you get just one shot and post it or did you have several attempts for the photos? I'm curious.

    COSCO is impressive. I wonder how vast and lovely the inside is.

    The flowers are just so beautiful. It's a great reminder that the earth is still a lovely place to live in.

    I agree with the closing thoughts. Learning should never stop if we want to live happily. :)

  9. I miss seeing your "face" more often, but I almost missed you this time! I got behind in my posts. Love the pictures, as always. :-)

  10. Twinkle Island is such a fun name. The artist of your papoose card has managed to suggest another twinkle in the child's eyes, a charming card. Stunning sunset on April 13th.

  11. That first ship really was great! Great photos in this post. When I enlarged some of them, they were even better!

  12. Wonderful images, John, great skies!

  13. O John, I love all you boats. But this one is the most nice: Holland America Eurodam. Like it. Also the Indian Papoose. So sweet. Warm greetings form Europa to you.

  14. Marvelous ships John!

    what lovely name of island!
    Blooms are so pretty and sky is MAGICAL like always!!!
    post cards are cute and pretty


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