Friday, January 8, 2021

Birds of a feather ...

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Midday Thursday (yesterday) I looked out my window to see the scene above. Although not unusual to see birds grouping together it seemed odd for them to be so still for several minutes in that tree with almost no leaves. In summer I would probably not have noticed it at all. So, I picked up the camera to snap a photo. The tree is about 50 feet from the window. Zooming in on a part of the photo I now know they are all American Robins.

The photo brings to mind the expression, "Birds of a feather flock together." Found the following in the dictionary ...

So, it's a proverb, meaning ... people of the same sort or with the same tastes and interests will be found together. Wow, that does sound like what happened last Wednesday on Capitol Hill. What a tragedy!

Now, getting back to my birds, here's a little more info on American Robins. ...

Even earlier in the week, Monday, during a fairly heavy rain, I noticed one of my hummers perched in a tree in the front yard. Even for my 40x Canon SX730HS it's a long zoom down to that branch and without a tripod you'll notice the focus isn't perfect. But it does convey a sense that the little bird is not too happy out there in the rain.

If you enjoy critters like I do check out Eileen's Saturday's Critters. Thanks, Eileen, for hosting and sharing.

To close out this post, here are a couple of sky photos to start off 2021.

First colorful sunset of  '21.
January 3.

January 6, 2021

Closing thought ...

    America is divided by people who think they are right.


  1. "America is divided by people who think they are right."

    That is so true. Everybody thinks they are right. Ah, well, these birds are beautiful! We can all be right about that. :) Blessings, John. Take Care.

  2. Amazing to see all those robins in one tree. Great capture.

  3. Birds and skies. Perfect.

    Robins come back here in the spring.

  4. A Robin tree! How special ! It is a special sighting. I agree, that little Hummer doesn’t look too impressed. I love those gorgeous sky scenes.

  5. When robins leave us in the fall they form fairly large groups and tear around as if they are crazy.

  6. Nice photos there John- we've only seen one OWL here in over 40 years - pretty rare- OWLS...stay well there and safe. Regards. KEV.

  7. Hello John, It is lovely seeing the Robins flocking together. I do believe the birds flocking together is a more peaceful scene than what was seen in DC on Jan 6th. You are so lucky to see the hummingbirds in the winter. I look forward to seeing my hummingbirds return to their nest in my yard. Come on Spring. Your sky images are gorgeous. I love those pink clouds. Wonderful post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  8. Nice robins. Although they do not migrate from here in Michigan, they do hide in the woods in winter, so it's hard to spot them compared to their behavior in the warmer months.

    be well and safe in the New Year...mae at

  9. Beautiful Robins! It's fun to see them come through in the winter too! Happy weekend!

  10. Great photos John! The sky shots are gorgeous. We don't see robins until springtime around here. When I see a robin, I know for sure that winter is over, I'd love to see a tree full of them today!! :)

  11. How wonderful to see all those robins! Lovely.

  12. the robins are a familiar sight in my backyard, it is nice that you were able to capture them in a picture!! the sunsets are beautiful!!

  13. It seems early to be seeing robins, especially gatherings like that one, but I'll take it. Anything that suggests spring is coming is welcome news! And I know exactly how that hummer feels. :-)

  14. love the Robins and always a welcome site as spring is around the corner thank you for sharing.

  15. Robins are one of my favorite birds, although I know little of their habits. Bird migrations are an amazing phenomenon.

  16. Hello John
    As I type this it's the 15th of January, hard to believe we are half way through the first month of 2021.

    I enjoyed seeing your photographs especially the beautiful skies. Here in England, UK it has been very grey and dismal of late, so lovely to see the colourful skies.

    Do take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  17. Wonderful “bird tree!” I’m loving the bare trees here too because of being able to see more birds. .... fingers crossed that we get through next week safely. There sure are some horrible people flocking together in this country.

  18. Interesting about "birds of a feather". I've heard the first part of that expression before and it's also the title of a book I've read. But without the "flock together" part, so I don't think I really picked up the whole meaning before.

  19. your images of sunset are BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL dear John !!!!

    i love birds as they are delightful ,vibrant part of nature ,you captured robins out of your window amazingly ,the lone with rain drops looks divine to me :)
    such a true about proverb ,i think as specie we humans all of us should learn this from birds indeed


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