Friday, January 28, 2022

Late January in Seattle

 Snaps in Seattle Last Two Weeks ...

January 19th  7:42 AM
An amazing sky for my morning walk.

For new visitors ... My current challenge is to see if I can walk about 2 miles, almost every day, for a year. I am using Seattle's Elliott Bay Trail for my walk and have a few more weeks to go before meeting my goal. I enjoy snapping photos along the walks to keep a record of interesting things I've seen. Click on images for larger view.

For more critter focused blogs check out Saturday's Critters.

Walking early, just before sunrise.
January 21st  7:00 AM

The green thing at Expedia Group Global Headquarters.
I wonder how much they spent on this.

Mt Tahoma is the "little" peak on the left.
January 21st  7:21 AM

At anchor one day before getting loaded with grain.

Foggy morning at Grain Terminal 86.

Elliott Bay Trail goes right along the water's edge.

Foggy, cold morning = not many walkers.

Carving on driftwood along the trail.

January  15th  8:17 AM

Just after sunrise looking across Puget Sound
to waterfront homes on Bainbridge Island.

Hong Fu, grain ship, at anchor.
January 22nd

Ship names often make me smile.
These four are all "bulk carriers" taking grain to Asia.

America's new litter.

Union Pacific grain car.
Union Pacific is "Building America"
Some Americans added their own comments.

Graffiti wisdom?

Musical interlude.  Deuter - Land of Enchantment - Enjoy.

Viewpoint looking out over the Bay on a rare clear
blue sky day.
January 27th

Possibly the most photographed view of Seattle.
From Kerry Park.

January 27th  2:35 PM

January 27th  4:54 PM

A few sunsets to remember.
All sunsets are snapped from home.

Hummingbird at sunset.
Three favorites in one photo ...
Water, sunset, hummer!


  1. All amazing shots! The first one is a winner.

  2. Hello John, :=) I am still listening to the beautiful music "Land of Enchantment". I am going to try to find a CD of this music, the bird song is enchanting. Your bird images are lovely, I always click on images to see them in greater detail. I didn't realise that the U S of A sent grain to Asia, that's very interesting.

    The carved driftwood is an interesting find, and if I had been walking there, I may have been tempted to take it home with me. All your sunset images are breathtaking, and the early morning sky shot is beautiful.Thank you for all the spectacular views of the mountains and such a peaceful and enjoyable post.

  3. Hello John,
    You are doing great with your walking goal, 2 miles a day sounds great.
    The views of the mountains, water and ships are beautiful. I love the Varied Thrush, Mallard Ducks and the sweet hummingbirds. It is sad to see the litter, I have been seeing the masks on the ground too. The carving on the driftwood is pretty. Your sunsets are gorgeous. Beautiful collection of photos and birds. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  4. Hi JOHN,
    Good luck with your daily two mile walk this winter. Great photos - those Grain Ships are enormous. Stay well and safe there my friend. Cheers. KEV.

  5. Hi John, what a nice assortment of pictures. I sure needed the sun to come out after days of fog. And congratulations on your efforts to walk every day. I am finally almost healed from my back injury and enjoyed a two-mile walk yesterday myself! :-)

  6. That carved wood is very interesting. I wonder what is its origin. Lovely views, as always.

  7. Congrats on the commitment to walking 2 miles a day. Up until a few weeks ago, I was walking 2 miles every morning on the treadmill. It has been too cold to walk outside. Anyway, slight inflammation has kept me from doing that but can't wait to get back to it. I must say-your view is much more interesting than my own. What a beautiful part of the country you live in.
    Blessings and Happy weekend! Diana

  8. Stunning photos from first to last. It proves the theory that if you go for a walk you will get lots of excellent photos. Of course, you also have to have the eye to see the shot before it goes in the camera. Have a great day.

  9. That's a good goal! We are trying to walk every other day and so far so good. You have a beautiful place to walk with so much to see. I love the pretty birds and it's nice to take the time for a few photos along the way. I love that neat driftwood! Enjoy your weekend, Diane

  10. The video is a wonderful sound symphony. You captured so much I love about nature, the birds, the skies in various conditions, fog and the views by the bay. The ships are a huge bonus. There’s always somethings interesting with them! Way to go on completing your goal. You got this!

  11. So happy I popped in from Eileen's Saturday's Critters. What an amazing and lovely city where you live. Every shot is wonderful. Thanks.

  12. Walking and being able to see all these beautiful sights is a special blessing. Thanks for sharing this beauty with folks like me, who just don't get to see these things. Yes, I do get to enjoy other blessings, for which I am grateful.

  13. Great to hear you are getting your 2 mile walk in every day. :)
    I love a pink and blue sky and your first picture is perfect.
    Enjoyed all the other photos as well. Great collection of pictures.

  14. wow i envy with these glorious walks of yours dear John !

    every step you take bring us such a deep pleasure and refresh our souls ,thank you for magical shots though i know thank you is not enough .

    4th ,7th 15th and last two are my most favorite though each is worth pause and stare for while ,remarkable images !

    your sunrise and sunset shots are worth frame and hang all around ,i wish you publish them in magazine wow amazing :)

    thank you for spiritual experience each time i visit your place!
    blessings to you and family!

  15. Hello John, and happy February.
    The days and weeks go by so quickly.
    So pleased you are getting your daily walks in.
    I enjoyed a very nice walk yesterday but didn't venture out today as the wind was quite strong and very cold, however, no snow which is good!
    Many thanks for sharing such a great selection and variety of photographs, which I always enjoy seeing.
    Full marks for your last photograph "Hummingbird at sunset", it's beautiful.

    Take care, stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  16. Nobody does walk s like John does walks! Absolutely gorgeous trail as I know I've told you a million times. What a perfect place it is where you live! Every picture makes me smile (and feel a bit lonesome for the Pacific Northwest) and your three-favorite one at the end is beyond fabulous. It should be published somewhere!!

  17. 🙂 Someone sat there on that trail and carved that wood. How cool!

    On the train there is a painting of a girl under the word California. I wonder if that is the famous Afghan girl, Sharbat Gula, from the cover of National Geograpic.


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