Monday, March 7, 2011

Four Days at Sea

First of all, thanks to so many for comments which I thoroughly enjoy! In my last post I introduced you to the journey. It starts at San Pedro, California, at the Port of Los Angeles. We are aboard the Golden Princess scheduled to embark at 4 PM. Within a matter of minutes, we pass the breakwater and lighthouse known as Angle's Gate and pass into the Pacific Ocean for four days of cruising en route Hilo, Hawaii. Click on the pics for large views!

What does one do while cruising for four days? Yes, dining is sure to be one of the first thoughts, and yes, the cuisine is grand, but beyond that, there is actually so much to do that I couldn't begin to cover it all in this blog. Now, for me, I'm traveling because I enjoy the ship, it's operations, and it's an exceptionally good way to find some time for the 3Rs -- rest, relaxation, reading. As Princess says, escape completely.

Explore the ship. RMS Queen Mary length = about 1019 ft., Golden Princess = 951. This is a big ship.

Watch the sky. Discover the blue ocean.

Thanks for stopping by John's Island! Next post, Hilo, Hawaii.


  1. Wow, this is wonderful, John! It looks so very inviting. That swimming pool is something and what a beautiful ship. I love the blue, blue ocean views. And your photos of the clouds are just spectacular! Looking forward to the next installment from Hilo ...

  2. Gorgeous images.Four days of rest sound wonderful,and with scenes of beauty all around,that makes for a lovely time.

  3. I'm enjoying your trip!! :) Since boats and I don't get along, this is probably my best bet. :D

  4. So many beautiful images! Your amazing ship photographs could be in a brochure for the RMS Queen Mary. Gorgeous water shots! Looks like a perfect place to relax.

  5. Wonderful captures John!
    I've never been on a cruise before.

  6. On my cruise last September between San Francisco and San Diego we passed a school of whales. There must have been 50 of them. Did you see any whales on your cruise?

  7. Stunning photos especially of the lighthouse!! I love lighthouses and , well, anything else that has to do with the ocean!
    Keep enjoying!!! = )

  8. Goodness ~ look at all that beautiful ocean and blue sky! Fantastic!!


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