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Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7, 1938

No, it isn't my birthday. And no, I wasn't born in 1938. However, I just discovered that 1938 had the same alignment of days as 2011. If only I'd realized this back in January! You see I have an old 1938 calendar on the wall here. I like the name and design: "It's The Wheat" ---  It seems fitting for Montana where a lot of wheat is grown and where we maintain a secondary office for the Island. I took the calendar off the wall today and snapped a photo of the page for October. Maybe I will post the pages for November and December later at the appropriate time. Not that time is a big deal at John's Island! Anyway, do you like antiques? (If not, you may not like our name sake!!!) Most of all, thanks to all of you for looking and commenting!

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  1. That's really neat. I love old calendars, my favorites came from the Ridgid tool company. They had some nice looking models showing off the pipe threaders and pipe wrenches.