Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Forward and iPhoneography II

Hello followers and visitors!  For those of you in affected areas (and you will know who you are), this weekend is the time to spring forward.  John's Island is happy to provide this reminder for your pillow Saturday night ...

Now that we have taken care of saving time, let's move on to some more iPhoneography! For those of you stopping by here for the first time, our last post was all about using the iPhone to snap convenient photos. Digging back in the archives, here are a few more to share, all taken with the iPhone, and all from 2009 ...

iPhoneography II

People seem to like to share photos of what they are eating.  I remember this meal well ... it was lunch at Geraldine's Counter in the Columbia City area of Seattle.  It was my first time to enjoy their famous corn beef sandwich and it was so delicious.  I've returned often for repeats!

On the same day I went down to Geraldine's, while walking through that neighborhood, I passed a simple, but gorgeous, front yard garden.  Some people really know how to make an ordinary spot into something special.

Catching a chopper above downtown created this photo.  I know those rotor blades are not really curved like they look.  So, what is the phenomena that makes them appear this way?

I've been fascinated with fire trucks since I was a kid. One of the good things about living in the city is knowing they are nearby. On this day, Ladder 10 was parked right outside our garage.  Glad I had the iPhone to snap this pic.  Note the "No Parking" sign ... I think the "Parking Enforcement" officer will give them a pass.

Happened to be up in Vancouver, BC, Canada, at Canada Place the day Sapphire Princess arrived with a whale trapped by the bulbous bow of the ship.  This is an excellent example of the need to always have a camera along. I snapped this just as they were pulling the whale away. For perspective be sure to notice the man on deck of the tug in the center. This was a BIG whale.  It is extremely rare for ships to strike whales, but it does happen.

I like this shot of the Space Needle with a bit of lens flare.

Two sunset shots I like ... and the pictures only happened because I had the phone along ...

This reminds me of a very pleasant summer morning ... ah, yes, summers in the Northwest ...

And I do recall this beautiful flower arrangement that caught my eye at one of the garden shops ... but I just now noticed the price tag ... dang, that was pricey!

I recall snapping this little pic off another device, in the summer of '09, but I don't recall the name of the storm.  Just a little reminder that some places have some serious summer weather!

Light rail, or heavy, I enjoy riding trains.  And the scenery around them ...

And this seems like a good one to close with. Looking out the back window of the Sounder Commuter train en route to Tacoma early one morning.  This was just a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier and it really turned out to be one of my favorite pictures.

As always, thank you for stopping by John's Island.  


  1. i like the garden shots. and the curved rotors on the copter are cool! poor whale! the storm map looks like a jalapeno! :)

  2. Amazing pictures. Those iPhones are so handy.

  3. I'm always amazed at what good photos some people get on their phones and these are no exception.

  4. I use my iPhone a LOT more these days for pics! And I LOVE it. It is so handy if you see something cool - to just whip it out and snap - because I always carry it with me.

    LOVE your pics John and that helicopter pic is sooooo neat!

  5. On my transatlantic cruise last year I went through 7 time changes. The time did not change at night but at noon each day. Love your pictures, they are varied and unique yet they are taken of everyday life.

  6. Nice eclectic post. Very enjoyable read!


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