Friday, March 1, 2013

More of This and That

A couple of my favorite blogs used "This and That" in titles for recent posts. It seemed fitting for today's John's Island post and I thank my blogging friends for the idea.

Reflections ...

At Green Lake this past week.  I admire the rowers but
would rather have the job of the one in the
red coat behind them.

Out of the archives.
The infinity pool at Molokai Ranch Resort, Molokai, Hawaii, 2003.
Sadly, the Resort is no longer in operation.

Sky Watch ...

The past week has been cloudy and wet.
I never thought I would say it, but I've grown to love this climate.

Birding or sky watch ... either way, I like this shot.

Trying to capture the Full Snow Moon on the morning of Feb. 26th.
The clouds made it a challenge, but got a glimpse during a break.
More SkyWatch Friday photos

Looking forward to Spring ...

From the archives, this flower was growing alongside the infinity pool pictured above.  Probably grows all year in Hawaii, but gets me thinking about Spring around John's Island.

An Hawaiian Beauty

Thanks for stopping by John's Island and a good weekend to all!


  1. love the moody moon, and the tree limbs against the sky.

  2. I agree with TexWis, I love the moody moon, too, the colorful flower is exquisite and the tree limbs against the sky are beautiful! I am looking forward to spring! Marvelous captures for the day! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Ah yes,I think we are all so ready for spring. I used to never be that anxiously waiting for it. Does it have to do with getting older? Whatever the reason,I enjoyed your collection of pictures.Love the Hibiscus.

  4. Wonderful post of beautiful photography ~ thanx ^_^

  5. Your picture are really so beautiful... I like the perfect mirror you manage to capture.

  6. I always love seeing rowers. Wish I could be out doing that!

  7. Very nice shots and beautiful place. From SF. My entry is from:

  8. Wonderful photos. Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  9. Oh that Snow Moon was gorgeous!
    I watched it rise over one of our northern Minnesota Lakes, huge and golden colored.. but I was driving to get my sons from basketball practice and did not have my camera with. (regrets!)

  10. Nice this and that's! Moony moon! :)


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