Greetings from Seattle, Washington, USA

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April at Green Lake

April 9, 2013, sunrise at Green Lake, Seattle, WA
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  1. Gosh John,
    What a lovely photograph - I like it a lot!
    Bye for now

  2. Just beautiful! I saw a pretty sunrise here in Bellingham, too, but nothing like this. :-)

  3. Stunning picture. It is a scene of peace.

  4. Really a lovely sunrise! Such beautiful colors.

  5. Breathtaking capture of this lovely scene! The colors are truly gorgeous. Dear John, this looks like a photograph that belongs in a nature themed coffee table book. Stunning colors, superb composition, ducks wading and a feeling of tranquility all make for a most glorious image. Thank you for sharing such beauty!

    Also, I must express sincere gratitude for all of the lovely comments you leave on my blog posts. Your thoughts are always so kind and generous. I am very appreciative of you heartfelt remarks. Thank you so very much!

    I hope this spring season finds you healthy and happy.