Thursday, May 22, 2014

14 Dahlia Garden First Look

John loves the Dahlia Garden in Volunteer Park, Seattle. Here on John's Island we've posted pictures from the garden in previous years, like this end-of-the-season view last October ...

2013 End-of-Season Dahlia Garden Post

Now, here is our first 2014 look at the garden. As you can see below, the rhododendrons behind the garden have bloomed, the dahlias are just breaking through the surface, and this year's flower ID posts are in place (May 21).

Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden
May 21, 2014

Same spot in early March, 2014

Winter covers still in place in early March

May 21, 2014, and flower ID posts are in place

Most plants are showing some green
breaking through the surface of the soil.

Side view of the garden, May 21, 2014

Alpen Matthew is one of our favorites
to keep an eye on

If this is Alpen Matthew it is just breaking through! ? !
Long way to go on this one!  :-)
Thanks for stopping by John's Island.


  1. The greenery is so lush and beautiful. I love public parks because they usually have such a better garden than I could ever hope to have. It seems you enjoy them too. Have a wonderful time in the local parks this summer!

  2. I can already see how beautiful it will all look!

  3. Interesting. Do the Dahlias stay in the ground all year? Over here we have to dig them up in fall and plant them in spring.


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