Sunday, May 25, 2014

815 Pine - Seattle Construction

Here at John's Island headquarters we are, every day, watching construction in the city.  It's all around us. Seattle, the Emerald City, is now the fastest growing city in the USA. We've done our best to get the word out that this place is cold, cloudy, and wet. Despite that, people seem to be moving here like crazy. We were looking out a couple of days ago and happened to glance over at the new 815 Pine building.  A 40 story tower, it will provide 386 new apartments near the heart of downtown. The tower crane, just one of 16 we can see, is more interesting than a TV reality show.  Construction of the concrete portion of the tower appears to be complete and, so, maybe they can start using the indoor plumbing.  Just guessing based on these photos! 

815 Pine under construction

Tower crane prepares to lower a load   : - )

Steady as she goes!

If you are curious about 815 Pine you can check out their website.

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  1. It seems like we've been unsuccessful at portraying how boring and dismal it is here in the Pacific Northwest. :-)

  2. LOL. I understand what you mean about doing your best to tell everyone about how bad the weather is on the western coast. I do the same and despite that our city is also undergoing a building boom. I honestly don't know where all the people come from.


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