Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Skies

Morning glory ...
Jan 21st  7:50 AM
Looking up into the eastern sky at sunrise

Serene evening ...

Jan 22  4:55 PM
Looking out over Puget Sound after sunset

Mid-winter Olympic Mountains ...
Jan 23rd  8:51 AM
Looking west to the Olympic Mountain Range
on a cold, clear morning.

Now vs. then ...
Top January 2017
Bottom August 2016
Two Brothers
Olympic Mountain Range
Washington State, USA

Closing thought ...
It only takes 1 tree to make a thousand matches
It only takes 1 match to burn a thousand trees
     Found on the back of a box of England's Glory matches.
     (Submitted by Richard, our friend from the UK. Thank you, Richard!)

England's Glory Matches
picture via Wikipedia


  1. Great and amazing photos, warm greetings!

  2. Hello, John! The skies photos are all beautiful. Lovely captures. I do love the trees, the forest fires are awful. Enjoy your day!

  3. Excellent photos John, glad you were impressed by my teasels which you could see if you read about them used to be used in the wool trade.

  4. Good Morning John, your photos are lovely. We went for a little drive a couple of days ago and the sun was hitting the Cascades off in the distances . . . so pretty. Although this snow and ice makes a beautiful landscape, I am looking forward to seeing it all melt away.
    I like that quote from the match box . . . so true.
    Have a lovely day.
    Connie :)

  5. "It only takes 1 tree to make a thousand matches
    It only takes 1 match to burn a thousand trees"

    There's a profound message in that!

  6. Hello John! I have thoroughly enjoyed your sunset & sunrise photos as the colours were glorious but the photo the Olympic Mountains took my breath away!
    Have a great week!

  7. So true about the matches.
    Beautiful sky pictures.

  8. Great skies and something good to go with them like mountains.

  9. Hello John, I hope this finds you well. Beautiful photos!

  10. Good to see posts from you again. Beautiful scenes.Those mountains are just spectacular.I like the closing thought.Hope your week is going well.Thanks for your comment on my post, it is much appreciated.

  11. Great comparison of the Brothers range. And that is so true about matches, isn't it? :-)

  12. Hello from Idaho and stop in from Ramblin AM...We do have some beautiful mountains in the northwest.
    If you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee

  13. Hello John, it looks to me like you're getting bluer skies during your winter than we are in our summer :) Oh well, we can't do anything about the weather so we might as well just enjoy the day.
    Lovely sky and mountain photos and that's a great quote.



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