Saturday, January 28, 2017

Butterflies / Postcards / Skies / Ships

Lillian Davids Fazzini, Butterflies and Moths of America, 1934

Butterflies of America
64 Color Illustrations
Lillian Davids Fazzini
 This little book is a favorite in our collection.

Title Page
Butterflies and Moths of America
Whitman Publishing Company
Racine, Wisconsin
Below is typical content, in this case, the Monarch Butterfly. Each entry has a description and illustration.

Content example:  Monarch Butterfly

Content example: Monarch Butterfly (cont'd) with illustration
We could not find any definitive information on who drew the illustrations. We believe they were done by Fazzini. There are 64 butterflies/moths described in this "field guide" type of publication. Fazzini also published a similar book, Indians of America, featured in our post of December 16, 2014.

Content example: Beautiful Utetheisa
"The study of butterflies and moths is a pastime that soon becomes a hobby with most of us ..." Fazzini begins the Preface with that statement. The Preface provides her reasons for publishing the book.

Preface to Butterflies and Moths of America
See more interesting critters at Saturday's Critters #163 and thanks to Eileen for hosting!

A Postcard for the Weekend

The theme for Postcards for the Weekend #22 is "Anything you wish" and, so, we thought you might enjoy this view of the air-conditioned deluxe coach, with seats that rotate and recline, aboard the  Erie Limited. The back of the postcard says, "One charming vista after another greets the eye of the traveler on the Erie between New York and Chicago over the scenic route of the East. Published by the Erie Railroad, probably early 1930s. See more interesting postcards at Postcards for the Weekend and thanks to Maria for hosting!


Two Brothers Mountain
Olympic Mountain Range
Pink light of early morning.
Jan. 27th  7:42 AM

A Washington State Ferry crossing Puget Sound
at Sunset
Jan. 23rd  4:50 PM
Don't miss all the interesting sky photos at this week's Skywatch Friday. Thanks, Yogi♪♪♪, for hosting!


The largest fish processing vessel operating in the United States is the SS Ocean Phoenix, we spotted January 23rd. This vessel has an interesting history as described on it's webpage (see a screen capture below).

SS Ocean Phoenix
Spotted Jan 23rd  9:42 AM
Near Port of Seattle with two tugs.

SS Ocean Phoenix Website Page
Premier Pacific Seafoods
Closing thought ...
Choose your love, Love your choice.
     Thomas S Monson


  1. Hello, John! Wonderful post on the butterflies and postcards. The book is great. Love the sky captures too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Magnificent sky indeed, John...Cheers from NYC

  3. Beautiful cards and pictures!

    The train card reminds me a little of travelling by train here in Japan! Love it.

  4. Wonderful posts ~ love the postcard and gorgeous sky shots ~ beautiful butterflies too ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  5. Great thoughts and photos...greetings!

  6. INtersting and I LOVE all you things, photos and tekst about butterflies.

  7. I love butterflies and like taking pictures of them but don't know a lot of the names.

  8. My interest is in bird books. sSbleys is the best right now. For an antique check out Tavener's. It's a classic and I don't have it but it was the first bird book in our house.

  9. Beautiful post. Butterflies are so fascinating, although,I must admit,I am not good at identifying the..Love,love,love the Two Brothers shot.Awesome.Have a wonderful weekend,or what's left of it.

  10. It's nice to see a 'butterfly' guide that includes moths. So many guides fail to appreciate their beauty.

  11. I find field guides a fascination, nice to browse while sitting on one of those reclining and swivelling seats, a colourful coach.

  12. Another winner of a post, John. I love the illustrations of the butterflies, and I smiled to see the postcard with all the women wearing hats. Another era, that's for sure. Your skies are always amazing. :-)

  13. I like the postcard. Nowadays, when travelling by train, I see everyone looking at their electronic devices... :!

  14. I love train travel. Later this year, I hope to take the Auto Train, which runs from Lorton, VA to Sanford, FL. It will be my 5th time. You see the world so differently from the window of a train than from the window of a car. Alana

  15. Hi John, excellent stuff every time here in your page, really! Thanks for all these skyline photos of Seattle that I reckon I might no longer see in person with the current situation in the USA. Thanks also for the vintage deluxe seats postcard -- always love visiting your page for these!

  16. Those seats on the train look quite comfortable!
    And your butterfly book is charming.

  17. I love butterflies. These postcards reminds me of the comics I read when I was a kid. It always bring joy seeing such awesome pictures :)

  18. I like the vintage train one, sets the imagination going...

  19. Lovely butterfly book!

    And I love the train interior card. As Eva already noted, nowadays the illustrator would have seen and made a totally different image of the passengers (who maybe would be watching this blog post :-) )


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