Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Indians of America -- Manhattan, Apache, Seneca

Western Americana includes the fascinating and colorful story of Native Americans. The railroads often used Indians in advertising. In 1935, Lillian Davids Fazzini published a small book, The Indians of America, and at least one version with a leather cover ended up in the curio store at Yellowstone Park. Although the book is not exceedingly rare, this version with handcrafted artwork and the mention of Yellowstone on the cover is hard to find today.

The book tells the story of 47 American Indian Tribes. Today we are including the story of 3 tribes: Manhattan, Apache, and Seneca. The entire book follows the same format, a description, and some art related to the tribe. We found this little publication to be quite interesting.


The Preface, an introduction ...

As you can see, age and elements have had some damaging effects. The "Preface" page has more damage than most. The value of vintage collectible paper is highly affected by overall condition.

Manhattan Tribe

Apache Tribe

Seneca Tribe

We will post more from Indians of America in future posts. Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Loved this post of Native Americans. There is a rich history of Comanche tribes in Texas among the settlers who came here. Fascinating, but sad.

  2. Fascinating reading, John. I am ashamed of the way the Indians were treated and mistreated during the invasion of their lands. I see the Coast Salish tribes up here in the Pacific Northwest, with many reservations nearby to visit. And of course casinos. L-)

  3. Thank you! That is very interesting. Here our first inhabitants were the Teutons ;-)

  4. I live in the country but it was founded by India Tribes.

    Most of our lakes are named after Indians in and around Haliburton.
    Most of our art is made by Indians out of wood, Stone, Our monuments in front of our Hospital has been handcrafted. Indian figure. At our water front. Such talent they have. Paintings like oil paintings. Leather belts, carved cases wallets. The tourist love to come to our Haliburton, Canada.

  5. Our Indian lakes are Eagle lake, Little Lake, Sparrow lake, Buck-horn Lake, Little Bald Lake. Lake of the woods. Many more.

  6. What a delightful little book. I am pretty much in agreement that finding such a book today would be very rare. You have a treasure there.


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