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Friday, December 26, 2014

Wampole's Creo - Terpin Compound [1940s]

Wampole's Creo - Terpin Compound
for Coughs due to Colds

From the 1940s ... An advertising card for Creo - Terpin.  We like the illustrations of birds. And then, of course, there is the measure around the edges ... inches top and bottom and metric on the sides.

At one time, Creo - Terpin was available at Alexander & Brasfield, Prescription Druggists, East Side Square, Dresden, Tennessee. We don't think it's still there today, but we did find a photo of the interior here. And, yes, it looks like you can still buy Creo - Terpin today here.

In any event, we hope you are well and don't need something like Creo - Terpin.

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  1. John, that sounds like some unusual concoction for sure. How nice to provide a ruler with the ad card. Not sure I'd get this remedy, although it may be better than some of the more modern ones.

  2. I had to go to the second link to find out just what I might be needing this stuff for. Strange name. No cough so I guess I don't need to order it. I like the birds, too. :-)

  3. Interesting advertisement. I think I've just about recovered from my latest cold, so hopefully I won't need this for a while. :)

  4. Interesting. How ya suppose their ingredients have changed over the past 70 years?

  5. how interesting to use the birds.

  6. Well yes. I don't think it could have done any worse than the over the counter meds we used to fight our recent colds. The basic ingredient in most cold remedies than and now is HOPE....:)

  7. Interesting! I love that and thanks for the links.

  8. What a lovely advertisement. They just don't make ads like that anymore.