Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Glacier Nat'l Park Wildflowers -- 1930s [Part 2]

Earlier, we posted some of the old postcard images from a packet of 12 cards featuring wildflowers of Glacier - Waterton National Parks. Here are the remainder of the cards, including the ones we posted earlier. If you enjoy flowers we think you will love these old images.

Wildflowers of Glacier - Waterton National Parks
12 views - 25 cents

Glacier Lily or Dog Tooth Violet

Mountain Maple -- Skunkflower

Wild Hollyhock

Indian Paintbrush
Mariposa Lily

Mid-Summer Spray

Mountain Ash

Pink Aster

Blue Beardtongue
Bush Cinaufoil
Shooting Star
Daisy Fleabane

Pale Arnica

Pasque Flower
Mountain Phlox

Wild Rose
Northern Anemone

Back is the same on all 12 cards.
Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Just beautiful, John. I've seen all of these flowers in the wilderness except for the wild hollyhocks. Maybe they don't grow around here. :-)

  2. Pretty. I've been known to be enamored by a bloom here or there. :)

  3. every one a vintage print! beautiful!

  4. All the flowers are really lovely. I once went to an art exhibit where the artist had used copper and various wires, etc to create teeny tiny wild flower sculptures. These remind me of those.

  5. Oh they are lovely. Like little miniature paintings.

  6. Enjoyed the images of the flowers! This time of year I see way too few!


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