Thursday, December 11, 2014

Souvenir Folder -- N P Railroad Scenes

Sometimes one postcard is not enough ...

You may need a folder full of views ... this one has 18, which fold out as you can see in the photo above. Title:  Souvenir Folder of Scenes Along the Northern Pacific Railroad. The folder is ready to be addressed and apply postage for mailing, perhaps to a friend, to show them what you have just seen on your journey. Probably issued in the 1920s or 1930s. Published by J. L. Robbins Co., Spokane, Washington.  Folder # 3326, and, in another spot 3326 - 6170.  Most of the views are labeled so we will let them speak for themselves.

Folder Cover

The Northern Pacific Railroad provided passenger service between Chicago and Seattle among other points. It was famous for its service to Yellowstone National Park's northern entrance, seen in the view above.

Back cover
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  1. Wonderful pictures! I can see why this might make someone want to visit these places. Unfortunately, they don't all look like that any more. Got a time machine? :-)

  2. Majestic. We really live in a beautiful country.

    I feel like I'm looking into someone else's happy memories on this site! :)

  3. such a cool keepsake idea! beautiful set!

  4. Beautiful scenery. I remember fold-out postcards like that.

  5. Fascinating. My grandfather was a chef on this run from St. Paul to Seattle. I grew up in St. Paul...:)

  6. I love all the scenic and animals photos. So lovely.

  7. These images are very scenic. I also love the last one.

  8. Special!

    I love that one with the deers in the snow! Wonderful.

  9. That is a neat idea for a postcard! Enjoyed all the scenery!


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