Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Starbucks Reserve Roastery

If you are into cars you might want to buy a Corvette. If you are into coffee, you might want to check out the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery. The first-of-its-kind store opened yesterday just a couple of blocks from John's Island Headquarters. Our founder loves coffee and went down to check out the Grand Opening ... here are some of his photos ...

Starbucks Reserve Roastery
Seattle, Washington, USA
Friday, December 5, 2014
Grand Opening

First Reserve Roastery of about 100 to open
soon around the world.

Not your ordinary coffee shop

Coffee roasting

The coffee you drink here may have just been roasted.

New logo ... Star over R

Really BIG store ... about 15,000 square feet.

Cool room for meetings

Media spokeswoman

Lots of media on hand

Wine bar / cafe section

Mention in news media
TheStreet website for investors
John thoroughly enjoyed his coffee and muffin!  Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Some people are seriiiious about their coffee! ;) I'd love to go to a place like this.

    Love the pic of you. You look like a happy man!

  2. Wow! It's a fine looking establishment. I hope they do well and spread, maybe not one on every street corner, but here and there would be nice. Thanks for introducing me to this new idea of Starbucks. I bet it has a fantastic coffee smell! :-)

  3. I'm a coffee drinker but not an aficionado. The nearest Starbucks to our middle of nowhere little town is about one hundred miles away. The smell of fresh roasted is something special though....:)

  4. That's a beautiful building inside and outside! Looks like you are serious about your coffee to get to the roastery on opening day :-) Nice to see you smiling at us too! I do like coffee and we have many Starbucks in this city too. I wonder if they are planning on bringing a roastery here too? Have a great weekend!

  5. Ohhhh! I can almost smell that delicious coffee aroma.

  6. I'm one of the rare ones who doesn't like coffee. I do like the smell though.
    Oh and I do like Corvettes and I have a red one. : )


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