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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bull Dogging

John will venture a guess that you may never have heard of "Bull-Dogging".  So here you go ...

It's hard to put a publication date on this old unused postcard. Probably late 30s, or 1940s. Definitely prior to 1952 when postage rates went up to 2 cents.

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  1. Now that looks a little dangerous to me. I was also interested in how "bronco" is spelled -- that has changed over the years, too. Thanks for sharing this, John. :-)

  2. The rodeos are always a hoot to watch, but very dangerous for some of the cowboys!

  3. yes, i've heard of it living in texas. i have a hard time with rodeoing just for the sake of rodeoing. part of the culture here, though.

    (zim is 22; gem, my gray mare, is 26)

  4. I actually have heard that term.We used to watch rodeos on Tv,but always enjoyed the bull riding the most.

  5. Never have understood the pastime...and I'm a Texan.

  6. Exciting, yes! Looks quite dangerous as well!