Monday, December 15, 2014

Old Radio

Combining two of our interests ... Old postcards and Radio. In the days before TV, three radio networks dominated broadcasting in the United States. Today's cards highlight the West Coast headquarters of the networks ... these cards are from the late 1930s ....


Description on back of card



In the days those cards were issued the Zenith Company manufactured radios for listening.
Here is the Zenith "Long Distance" radio, which received radio signals from around the world.

We like the dial ...

Can you imagine days without smartphones, the internet, and TV?

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  1. I can not only imagine those days, but I lived them. I remember our big old radio that sat in the living room in the 1940s, which looked a lot like this one, only maybe not so fancy. And listening to Fibber McGee and Molly? Yes! :-)

  2. I actually remember those days, listing to the "shadow" and the "Lone Ranger" on the radio, before there was a TV.

  3. we have come SO far in some respects...

  4. SOMETIMES I wish they never came along, but then we wouldn't be blogging. : )

  5. I love hearing stories from my parents about sitting around the old radio and listening to programs like the Grand Ole Opry. I remember seeing that on the much loved show "The Waltons" too. I didn't do that myself but I like the idea of it. It seemed to engender family time whereas the internet and television seem to be more solitary pursuits. I do love my internet and television too. the idea of being able to find or watch things on demand/command in a time pressured world is sometimes helpful and I enjoy doing self initiated research on things that interest me.

  6. I clearly recall,my Dad listening to radio stations from Nashville. He loved country music,but the signal was so weak that often all we heard was static.


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