Friday, February 3, 2017

February Happiness

Postcards for the Weekend #23 -- Happiness

This week's theme at Postcards for the Weekend is "happiness". The first card we found in our collection may make you laugh, if not happy. The Northern Pacific Railroad promoted Great Big Baked Potatoes in its dining car back in the early 1900s. Here's a card they published in about 1915 that starts by suggesting to make Every Day a Happy Day. Have you tried Baked Potatoes?

Great Big Baked Potato
Northern Pacific Railway

Postmarked 1916, Seattle, Washington
1 cent postage.
Yet another vintage card (in a timely way) mentions the Amethyst as the birthstone for February.

As the card says,
"Those who in this
month see the morn
When skies are drear
and earth forlorn
The joys of love
have never missed
If they have worn
the Amethyst"

How about it, were you born in February? If so, is it true? :-)

February Birthstone
Early 1900s

Back of the unused card.

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One more -- Bears on an Iceberg

How's this for happiness?
Roosevelt Bears on Iceberg
Early 1900s
The cards says: No. 14. The Roosevelt Bears on the Iceberg. "Teddy-B put a match to a pile of wood and made a fire and cooked the food." Then, in red, at the bottom, "This picture is one-quarter size of one of the 16 full-page color illustrations in "The Roosevelt Bears" -- the jolliest book of the year for boys and girls. For sale in Philadelphia, Pa., by N. SNELLENBURG & CO.

Back of the unused card.


Uncommon view of Seattle from the Magnolia neighborhood.
Jan 4th  4:04 PM
Clear, blue sky!

Many trees already have buds.
Spring is not too far away!
Jan 20th  12:50 PM

Can you believe this contrail?
Right into the Sun!
Feb 1st  4:53 PM

A contrail so big it created its own shadow!
Feb 1st  4:54 PM

Evening Sky
Feb 1st  5:12 PM

Sunlight streaming over Bainbridge Island, Washington
Jan 30th  4:47 PM
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Ship Spotting

For first time visitors:  Our view from home looks out over the entrance to the Port of Seattle, Puget Sound, Washington. We enjoy keeping an eye on ships arriving and departing.

Hamburg Container Vessel
Cap Jackson
Feb 1st  2:43 PM

Unusually tall crane docked at Pier 91
Feb 1st  8:06  AM
Closing thought ...
Analogies, it is true, decide nothing, but they can make one feel more at home.
     Sigmund Freud


  1. A nice collection of happiness! Thank you for sharing, John. And the shadowing/ed contrail is really amazing! Although living near an airport and thus having seen many contrails, I've never noticed a shadow like this before!

  2. Superb photos again next love those postcards.I really like the cityscape and contrails this week. In answer to your question about where I live in comparison to the photos well not far though on that occasion. I drove around 5 milesnto get to where I wanted to start from. I could walk from my house and I think it would take around an hour. I have another route planned when the weather is better. Next week I'LL show where I wet to

  3. Beautiful range of lighting in your skies. Love the clear view of Seattle.

  4. Magnificent sky photos ~ great colors and capture of the light ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful weekend ~ ^_^

  5. When the sun shines in Seattle the skies are goreous, what an amazing shade of blue. We have been having snow all day. When I woke up it was snowing, then around ten o'clock it stopped just to start back up an hour later. I never thought I would have to travel to Seattle of blue skies and sunshine, LOL.
    Happy Weekend!
    Connie :)

  6. Hello John, love the bear postcard. Your sky captures are all lovely. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. Good. I'll make it through the weekend . . . I got some extra sunset skyscapes

  8. Beautiful sky pictures.
    Like your happiness cards. : )

  9. Early spring - you, too? Unbelievable. But even with mild weather, we won't see spring for months. Or will we? Alana

  10. I think you have made some people smile and even some of us happy! I love the postcards and the sunsets, John. We have had nothing but cold and snow and now, freezing rain here in Bellingham. No sunshine for us. :-(

  11. interesting post cards, especially the potato and what gorgeous skies.

  12. There was a good sense of humor in the old postcards.

  13. Great post. The postcards made me smile and those sky scenes, they are spectacular.Have a great weekend John.

  14. This post made me smile with happiness. Happy weekend John!

  15. Beautiful contrail shots, and love the old postcards!!

  16. Love that amethyst as it was the 2nd ring I bought my spouse...:)

  17. I love a baked potato and if you are including a trip on a train well that would be perfect. The bears fire on ice may not be thought through:) Enjoyed your skies.

  18. Love seeing those gorgeous skies! Interesting to see the baked potato on the postcard. Kind of funny actually. I hope you have a great week!

  19. This post is filled with happiness, John! I'm nicknamed "Potato Monster" for my love of potato :D I can't surely say that the amethyst poem is true ... I've never worn any jewelry with amethyst on it. Your sky photos are magnificent! Love that one with the contrail and the sun rays piercing through the leafless stems of the tree.

    Have a great week and happy February ahead!

  20. I can't understand why that Big Potato is so happy...:P

  21. I love that happiness is not limited or inclusive. Wish you happy days!

  22. Great shot of the streaming sunlight! The postcard of the bears made me smile. I do very much enjoy baked potatoes--with plenty of butter, cheese, and/or sour cream. Good to hear spring is on the way. It's still pretty cold here.

  23. what magical photos !
    your theme for Feb goes so well with season John as this month is time when our hearts feel and hear the footsteps of spring near and give us pleasure ,
    truly loved this first post card which is expressing his joy and excitement through his so sweet smile

  24. John . . .
    Your postcard posts remind me to return to look at my collections and to get back out and about to go looking for some "new old" postcards.
    I look for dates, cities, states, Tuck, subjects . . .
    So enjoyable, isn't it!


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