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Yellowstone Postcards / Tall Sails / SkyWatch

This week's theme for Postcards for the Weekend is "from a country you have visited or a favorite place in your country that you have visited." Really like this theme as it gives us a chance to share a few postcards from our favorite place in the USA, Yellowstone National Park. Here are a few cards from our collection that are not too common, and a couple of favorites that are!

Obsidian Cliff and Beaver Lake
Haynes # 10082
F. J. Haynes was designated as the "Official
Photographer" of Yellowstone Park and had stores, in
the Park, where his photos were sold.

Morning Glory Pool
Haynes # 16049

Bull Elk, Tower Fall Area
Haynes # 37700K

Yellowstone Lake and Mt Sheridan
# 4308

Buffalo Herd Near Fort Yellowstone
Detroit Photographic Co. 1905
Fairly rare and in the days when
Mammoth was called Fort Yellowstone

An Old Time Stage Coach
By Asahel Curtis for Northern Pacific Ry. Co.
# Y. P. 47

Northern Pacific Railroad Station
Gardiner, Montana
This is the first of two major railroad stations
that served Yellowstone Park.
By Asahel Curtis
# Y. P. 56

Handkerchief Pool
The story goes that tourists placed handkerchiefs into
this pool which pulled them below, washed them, and
returned them to the top. Today tourists would not
be allowed close to a feature like this!
Haynes # 20136

Bighorn Mountain Sheep
Haynes # 35487
These "critter cards" will qualify to link up with another of our favorite memes, Saturday's Critters. Thank you, Eileen, for hosting!

A Park Bear
Haynes # 13053

Union Pacific Railroad Station
West Yellowstone, Montana
This is the second of two major railroad stations
that served the Park.
By D. S. Spencer #s Y. P. 39 and 91061

A Park Deer
Haynes # 10138
How do you like the reflection?

Oblong Geyser Crater
Haynes #s 10100 and 4A-H285

Automobile Stages at Sylvan Lake
Haynes # 16414

Tourists and Bears
Haynes # 13054
The story is that scraps from the evening meal were taken
out behind the hotel and left for the bears. Tourists were
allowed to come out and watch. Today there is no feeding
of the bears!

Fishing Cone
By Asahel Curtis #s Y. P. 5 and 91049
The story goes like this: Fish could be caught in the lake and you
could then swing around and cook the fish in the hot water of the cone.
True story but no more walking out on the cone today!

Elk Stalled in Snow
Haynes #s 10135 and 5A-H494
Winter scenes in the Park are fairly unusual on postcards.

Ten Minutes for Lunch
# 4504
It's hard to say but it looks like the bear is
licking honey out of a jar.

Lone Star Geyser
# 4270

Madonna of the Wilds
Famous Haynes photograph #s 16343 and 4A-H272
Mother bear and two cubs.
This photo was one of Haynes most popular
sold as a larger poster.

A Buffalo Head
Haynes # 10137
One of Haynes most popular postcards.
Have you been to Yellowstone? Be sure to check out other blogger's postcards from their country or favorite place in their country at Postcards for the Weekend #28! Thanks to Maria for hosting!

Tall Sails

For first time visitors, we like to include something "maritime" in our posts as we are located near the waters of Puget Sound, Washington.

Matson Container Vessel arriving Seattle
March 10  10:00 AM
Probably should put this one under the SkyWatch category.
A Washington State Ferry looks small way out there.
March 11  4:59 PM

This photo is from the archives.
Wish I knew the name of the vessel. Liked the way it
looked as it was out in Elliott Bay last August for Seafair.


Yesterday evening's cloud filtered sunset.
Can't believe how far north the sun is setting is on the western
horizon as compared to December and January! Of course, Spring
Equinox is just a few days away.
If you enjoy sky photos don't miss SkyWatch Friday! and thanks to Yogi♪♪♪ for hosting! By the way, the link will take you to the "Time Change Edition" of SkyWatch so named in recognition of our switch to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead TONIGHT if you're in (most of) the USA and/or Canada.

Bird Watch

Sparrow story: Yesterday's wonderful afternoon weather made my walk especially nice. Spotted several sparrows in a shrub right along the sidewalk and next to an apartment building. It seemed possible they had selected this spot to check out for a nest. Some of them did not want to leave despite my stopping right next to the shrub. Moving slowly, got the camera out, got as close as possible and snapped this photo. Of course, it isn't perfect but we do like this little bird! How about you?

Closing thought ...
Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours.
     Swedish proverb


  1. Typical postcards from the early 190's . It shows the style of life at that time. The sailing ship would catch your attention.

  2. I haven't been to Yellowstone National Park, and now I wish I had been! Gorgeous postcards, and so interesting to read about how things were done "back then"!

    Thanks for posting them, and your lovely comments on my blog.

  3. Hello John, I love your Yellowstone postcard collection. Your sparrow shot is cute. Lovely sky captures. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Wow, that's quite a collection from Yellowstone! :O

  5. Wow, John, what a beautiful set of postcards!

  6. Loved your Yellowstone Postcard collection favorites . . .
    What beautiful sights you must see from your place on Puget Sound.
    Loved the old sailing vessel . . .
    And thinking of you on your walk, seeing little sparrow . . . nice thought . . .
    I saved this from you . . .
    I am happy I have met you . . .

    Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours.
    Swedish proverb

  7. I've been to a tiny corner of Yellowstone. And I've been to Banff and Jasper. And never did I see a bear. But I'm not going to try holding out food for the chance! I love these old postcards showing tourists doing things that are unthinkable - or unlawful - nowadays.

  8. Some fine old postcards you have shown this week, wonder what it looks like now. Love that old ship you took the photo of

  9. NICE collection of post cards. You have quite an extensive collection.

  10. I found the idea of the handkerchief pool interesting. I've not heard of that before!

  11. Really love all the vintage postcards for Yellowstone Park, John! I am curious in one of them the tourists seem to be too close for safety to the bears ... The Madonna of the Wilds and the Ten Minutes for Lunch captions caught my attention too! Thanks so much for sharing all of these. I also really appreciate that when I come here to your page for the postcards, I get sailboats, sky, and birds neat photographs as a bonus ;-)

  12. John your posts are filled with so much beauty. Some of those Yellowstone postcards made me smile. How times change.No,they would strongly discourage feeding the bears and so many more restrictions. I,of course enjoy the ships and also the sunset pictures.Awesome beauty around and the closing thought gives much to think about.

  13. Fond memories of favorite places in Yellowstone...:)

  14. Great post! There is some of everything in it. I really like the old postcards. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

  15. The Swedish proverb made me smile.
    I like the colors in the first post card. The colors in the postcard of the oblong geyser are also noteworthy; I think that would make a great painting. The story of handkerchief pool is a neat one! If true, that is probably one of the most fascinating "washing machines" of all time. Of course, I also enjoyed seeing the railroad stations. The Lone Star geyser and Buffalo Head look like they could be on postage stamps! Very neat to see the boat with sails as well; it looks like it is from another era.
    Thank you for sharing these cards with us, John!

  16. Looking at these vintage looking and lovely cards and trying to remember when's the last time I've received one. I think when I was a kid and it's from my father from Disneyland. :)

    That's a fascinating looking bird.

  17. I really enjoyed looking at the vintage postcards from Yellowstone National Park, John! It is one of my favorite national parks, and I'm due to take another visit there soon. Times have certainly changed since then, and I'm glad they allow the bears to remain wild and do not feed them and have more protection around the geysers and hot pools for tourists safety. The national parks broke records for attendance last year for its 100 years celebration. We visited Glacier NP last summer and this year hope to see a few parks in Utah.

  18. Very very nice post!!! I just love all those beautiful postcards! Thanks for sharing:)


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