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Sunday, July 2, 2017

World Arrives in Seattle

The WORLD has arrived in Seattle!

The World, an enormous private cruise ship with 165 luxury homes on board arrived in Seattle this morning. Link to a local news article.  When it comes to ship spotting, this one is most unusual! In our photo above note that one of the ship's tenders is about to be lowered so that passengers can tender into port. Our regular cruise ship terminals are busy today with other cruise ships ... the Norwegian Pearl at Pier 66, Emerald Princess and Holland America Oosterdam at Pier 91.

The World's Website

Happy Canada Day 2017!

Canada celebrated her birthday yesterday, Saturday, July 1. Here are a couple of Canadian ships seen around Seattle over the last few weeks ...

More Maritime Sightings

Photo from the Web of OOCL's largest ship so far!

Sky Watch

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  1. Hello, the new cruise ship sounds amazing. Lovely series of photos. I love the views of the mountains too. Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love the ship that looks like it is stacked high with brightly wrapped Christmas presents!

    But thta world ship...it is just too big! ;-) It is overwhelming somehow!

  3. What a life , John. You sit there and ships sail in and out. Sit there and the un comes up and the sun goes down. that's one mother of a cruise ship!

  4. Oh, lovely pictures of ships. That's quite a few to absorb, but i also like the gorgeous sky shots, John. Thanks for the great variety to peruse. :-)

  5. The WORLD is incredible in every sense, I like it. All your photos are amazingly good, well done. Greeting to you!

  6. Great photos. Watching the ships come in and out of the Sound must be very interesting. Do you live where you can see them, or do you have a favorite spot to watch and photograph from? Either way John, your posts are always interesting and make me want to visit Seattle again. You;re a great PR person for the Seattle area :)

  7. That sure is one huge cruise ship.

  8. Fascinating pictures. Seeing all those different ocean going vessels sounds so interesting. I love the sky shots as well. Have a fabulous July 4th celebration.

  9. I dunno as a child we live on a bluff above the Mississippi and adjacent railroad tracks between the Twin Cities and Chicago. Very interesting. But all those ocean going vessels. Wow!