Sunday, February 18, 2018

Yellowstone and More

Welcome to John's Island

Continuing from our last week's post, three more lantern slides of Yellowstone National Park. Please see our previous post for background information on lantern slides.

Label: Driveway Along Firehole River
Lantern slide by Haynes

Label: National Park Mountain
Yellowstone National Park
Lantern slide by Haynes

Label: Typical Camp Lobby
Yellowstone National Park
Lantern Slide by Haynes
Here's how the box of lantern slides looks and the Notice to Operator in top of box ...

More lantern slides on future posts.

Sky Watch

February 12th  6:12 PM
All of these sky watch photos are taken from Seattle looking out to the west over Puget Sound. The mountains in the far distance are the Olympic Mountains. In some photos only the land just on the other side of the Sound is visible ... that is Bainbridge Island.

February 17th  5:21 PM
Did the birds get in the way?
Or, is the photo all about the birds?  : - )
More sky photos at Skywatch Friday. Thanks to Yogi for hosting.

February 17th  5:35 PM

Postcard for the Weekend

Happy Polar Bears
The theme this week at Postcards for the Weekend is "happiness/joy." This old Polar Bear card from Alaska brought on a smile. Don't they look happy? Thanks to Maria for hosting!

Love critters? We do and so we're linking up with Eileen's Saturday's Critters.  Thanks to Eileen for hosting the link up.
Back of the unused card.
"Alaskan Polar Bears"

Ship Watch

Tiger West, Operations tower.
Bulk Carrier
Anchored nearby. Photo: Feb 18 2018
Crew's quarters and the Bridge are in this tower.
Ship names continue to fascinate us.
Home Port - Hong Kong
How would you like living on this vessel for months at a time?
Thanks for stopping by John's Island.


  1. I would enjoy watching ships with you. Ships tell us so much. Then I could also watch sunsets with you. Here in the city , I don't really see a sunset.

  2. Thanks again for sharing each photo.I like the birds in the picture, but then,I am a bird watcher.Thanks for leaving such wonderful comments on my blog.Every ice I think about quitting the blog, I think of the many friends I have made here and just have to keep going.Have a great week.

  3. I don't know if the bears are happy, but I'm sure that looking at that picture can make everyone happy!

  4. Hello, it is neat to watch the ships. The Polar Bears are cool critters, I would love to see them in the wild. The Yellowstone post cards are wonderful. Love the pretty sky captures. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. I also appreciate your comment and visit. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Some excilent photos again this week John. To answer your question redundant churches are used a couple of times a year from what I am told

  6. Nice to take a look back in time through your post cards and once again your sky pictures are beautiful.

  7. I am trying to find something to say here just so you know how much I appreciate your posts. I always love your sky pictures and your ship watch, John. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving kind messages. :-)

  8. Polar bears!! One of my favorite animals. This postcard definitely brings a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing, John!

  9. These are beautiful again, John. Those polar bears. I hope those healthy bears in a safe place, with enough cold and snow won't be just in postcards in the future.

  10. Thank you John! Love the skies and the polar bears.

  11. Amazing slides from history John!

    glorious skies :)

    and polar bear look actually happy

  12. Very nice! The birds are a great touch in that one photo.
    I would most definitely NOT want to spend much time at all on that ship.


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