Thursday, December 26, 2019

Countdown to 2020 -- 5 Days

From home, looking west to the Olympic Mountains, as
clouds define the ranges of foothills.
November 19, 2019  2:35 PM

Five more days to 2020.

Like everyone else, who is old enough to do so, I've been discovering, over the last few years, how to interact with the World Wide Web, and especially, the part of it known as Social Media. Blogging is not perfect but it has worked fairly well for me. My very first post on John's Island was on December 28, 2010. It the years since, I've had as many as 207 posts (in 2014) and as few as 28 (in 2017). Altogether, including this post, I've published 788 times. This year I published 98 posts before starting a "blog break" on August 1. As we wrap up the TEENS I'm evaluating IF and HOW John's Island will move forward in 2020. I do think it is important to make a decision without outside influence so I'm leaving comments OFF for the time being.

Taking Off

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