Friday, February 26, 2021

Around the World - 1891

Globe Circling Excursion 1891
Arranged by Canadian Pacific Railway Company

One Covid Silver Lining ... Plenty of time to browse through my collection of vintage travel temptations. I call them "temptations" because they were advertisements designed to encourage travel at a time when travel was truly for the most elite adventurers. The world was still beyond the reach of all except the most well-to-do. It fascinates me to consider how adventurers would choose and carry out a journey at the dawn of the travel industry. The image above is the cover of a brochure issued in 1891 to tempt travelers to take an excursion around the world via ships and trains. Published by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

Cost of the trip in 1891 = $600  Cost in today's dollars = $15,853.

Travel time = About 90 days.

Here are a few of the inside pages ... (Click on images for larger view)

1891 - Rail & Steamship Tour

One of the Ships - Empress of India

Map --  A Tour Round the World

Ports O' Call

Sailing Times **Probably**

This page is one of my favorites.
Can you imagine a time when traveling and 
spotting other ships was an activity worth recording?

More ships and skies ...

Matson freighter departing.
Bainbridge Island waterfront in the background.

For any first time visitors ... John likes to watch ships come and go in Seattle and snap photos of some that interest him.

C M A  C G M small freighter.
Cloud shadows and bright sun made the view unusual.

Early morning departure.
S M Line
Departure at dawn with deck edge lights still on.

Just after sunset behind the clouds ...
looking across Puget Sound to the west.

Late afternoon, mostly cloudy sky with breaks and
sun blasting through created an unusual scene at
this OOCL Container ship departure.

A sky photo I like from my archives of 2011
back in the Treasure State (Montana).
Along a remote mountain road.

A sunrise from 2011.
This shot is looking east from the Madison
Valley in Southwestern Montana.

Birds ...

American Robin on a snow day.
February 13th

My hummingbirds are a daily fascination.
February 3rd

Have you been watching the hummingbird babies?

Hummingbird Spot, on YouTube, has been live streaming, an Allen's Hummingbird's nest. The mother hummer laid 2 eggs about the size of jelly beans.  😊  Crowd sourcing named the mother, Emerald, and her chicks are Ruby and Sapphire. If you've missed the live stream, here is a short time-lapse video of the first 10 days of the life cycle ...

Now, if you missed the streaming of the first few days, you've probably missed the eggs hatching. So, here is the video that follows Emerald from warming her eggs to hatching two beautiful baby chicks...

Details:  Emerald's first egg was laid on January 19 and the second on January 21. The first egg hatched at 1:29pm on February 7. The second egg hatched at 10:40am on February on February 8. [Update March 4 -- Ruby, the first chick to hatch, flew out of the nest on March 4th. Sapphire is still in the nest alone this evening.] [Update March 15th. Sapphire flew out of the nest on March 5. Between March 5 and March 15, we think the same mother bird made some improvements to the nest. On March 15th, about 8:09am we saw a new egg in the nest. Hummingbirds usually lay 2 eggs, so we will be watching to see what happens over the next couple of days. To watch the live stream for this click here.]

If you enjoy critters like I do check out Eileen's Saturday's Critters.  Thanks, Eileen, for hosting and sharing.

Closing thought:  It looks like we are starting to see light at the end of the Covid tunnel. Take care and stay safe. Thanks for stopping by John's Island. Oh, and lastly, I may be getting ahead of the curve with the YouTube below, but let's think positive!


  1. Hello John,
    You live in a beautiful area to see the ship coming and going. Great captures of the ship and the beautiful sky and sunset. Pretty shots of the Robin and your sweet Hummingbird. I enjoyed watching the Hummingbird videos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care and stay safe. Enjoy your day, happy weekend! PS, I appreciate your visit and comment on my blog..

  2. LOL- I am looking forward to happy times are here again myself. Those are amazing old travel bits and pieces. It's amazing how $600 back then translates to about $15,000 today!
    I miss living on the bay of Green Bay and watching the big ships come in and out of port...sigh...miss the water period for that matter.
    Love the bird pictures. Hummingbirds are absolutely amazing.
    Hubby and I both had our 2nd Covid vaccine dose on Thursday. We followed the 'flood your system with water and Gatorade' suggested and have not had any reactions at all other than a bit of tenderness at the injection site. Glad that is done! Have a great weekend, John---and if you get the chance I introduced the 'new man in my life' on the blog today. Diana

  3. Hello,:=) What a delightful post. The video clips are just wonderful. Isn't it amazing that the nest was perched in a precarious place but held strong? Loved watching the tiny birds emerge. Your bird captures are lovely.

  4. 90 days around the world ... amazing.

  5. Imagine how outrageous a cost of $600 would have been to the average person in 1891. If they were giving away such a trip today, I would pass. Cruising is not my cup of tea. Trains would be okay though.

    Love the light on top of the mountains in one of your photos. Your port is a tad busier than ours. Lol.

  6. Most trips were challenging. I just read about 4 men who went from Edmonton to Dawson city by the overland route. It took almost a year.

  7. Favorite photo is of the blue sky and clouds, green trees, and the dirt road I'd love to be walking down.
    Enjoyed the tune!

  8. What a fun and informative post! I could not have imagined who the adventurous souls were who took that 90 day trip! And those hummingbird videos are more than delightful. Plus the sky pictures. I get my first Covid shot on Tuesday! :-)

  9. I hope you are right that the end of Covid is near. Covid or not, I am waiting for spring and the return of all those beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing this interesting post.

  10. This a nice post, I loved the pics.

  11. Hi John- Great Post- Interesting that in times gone by that overseas travel was mainly for those who were well to do and could afford the International costs. Thankfully Today things are relatively within reach. First day of Autumn here tomorrow. Best Wishes. KEV.

  12. I always love seeing your hummingbirds! And the Robin is nice too. Thanks for an encouraging post!

  13. I can imagine people back then wanting to vacation and see the world, but I bet my ancestors couldn't afford it. Most were farmers, with a few city dwellers scattered here and there...non rich that I've ever found HA!

  14. Hi, John.
    All the photos look very beautiful and I was very impressed with the color of the sunset when the container ship departed .., the colors are very unique and I have never seen before.
    Extraordinary !.

  15. I loved hearing the player piano! It will be happier soon, I agree ... hope is on the horizon. But your days have obviously not, I think, been completely unhappy in spite of it all. I think the same is true for us (usually). ... I really enjoyed your travel dreams collection ... we have missed traveling in the past year, but know how lucky we are to have traveled at all! ... enjoyed the ships and the views behind them and am happy to know about the hummer camera. I watch the SW Florida eagle cam ... slightly larger babies in that nest ))!

  16. Thank you for this lovely post.
    I always enjoy seeing the hummingbirds and the American Robin is such a wonderful colour.
    Talking of wonderful colours aren't the clouds wonderful in the photograph from 2011.

    Happy March Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  17. We go out into the world in search of our dreams and ideals. We often put what is at hand in inaccessible places.

    1. Hello Maria, Thank you for your comment. I found your blog, Orações de Maria, but I don't know how to leave you a comment. If you see this, let me know how to get in touch. Thank you. John
      Olá Maria, obrigado pelo seu comentário. Encontrei o seu blog, Orações de Maria, mas não sei como deixar um comentário. Se você vir isso, deixe-me saber como entrar em contato. Obrigada. John

  18. Today there is no lack of reasons to smile and every moment is an opportunity to experience the best sensations in the world. May this day be the stage of the greatest adventures and in the end our hearts are filled with joy.

  19. To imagine being able to take a trip around the world....Wow! One of my favorite songs is "The Canadian Railroad Trilogy" by Gordon Lightfoot. The effort it took to build those railroads were built back in the day was tremendous. Yes, vaccines are a miracle and the world will hopefully be able to open again!D

  20. i absolutely love your hobby dear John that spread joy in our hearts and bring us closer to the Nature and this is so necessary to have mental health i believe .

    difference between travel cost is not shocking anymore since rising of the price of of everything so quickly makes me believe it already.
    stunning shots as always :)
    oh yes happy times are here hopefully by the grace of our maker and wisdom of people of course
    blessings to you and loved ones!


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