Friday, May 14, 2021

Spring Snow!

 Red, of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada posted on May 8th ...

Blog friend Red, of Red Deer, Alberta, posted
about spring snow on May 8th.

A few days later, May 13th, Spring Snow arrived in Seattle!

Spring Snow arrived at the Grain Terminal

I snapped these photos while on my daily walk along the Seattle waterfront.

Who came up with the name for this ship?

The Grain Terminal has been busy.

Crew of Spring Snow is not allowed off the ship.
Border Control!

Before docking at Pier 86 the crew worked on
their Emergency Escape Pod.

Next post: More pics from daily spring walks along the waterfront. Wishing everyone a good weekend!

Closing thought ...

“Democracy is four wolves and a lamb sitting down to discuss what they’d like to have for lunch.” Ambrose Bierce


  1. Great and interesting post. It's good to see that covid hasn't stolen your sense of humor. Wishing you a lovely weekend, John.

  2. Hope you have great weather for your waterfront walks.

  3. The name of the ship Spring Snow gave me a chuckle. Happens every year here!

  4. That's pretty funny. I'd rather see YOUR spring snow than Red's. :-)

  5. Ambrose Bierce was a bit nuts but I liked his short stories . Thanks for the publicity

  6. Hello,
    LOL, that is a funny name for a ship! We did have some real spring snow, a few weeks ago. We are having a chilly spring. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  7. Hi John- You havn't posted in awhile - glad to hear from you. You've taken great photos of the Grain Ship- they are really big vessels- very impressive. Hope you are well there in Seattle. Regards. KEV.

  8. Those spring snows can be the wettest, except for the ship by that name. Hope you are well and enjoying life.

  9. You had me going, Rev. I thought for sure you really did have snow! We sure miss you and Sister. Sister

  10. i can't imagine snowing in spring time dear John ,this image says lot for cold spring you are experiencing .

    i enjoyed the ship images they are delightful !
    i think this one is best quote about democracy i ever read lol
    wishing you health ,peace and happiness !

  11. Hello John,
    Lovely that you are enjoying your walks.
    I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    I had a walk in the rain today! Well it was dry and sunny to start with but then the weather turned rather wet and windy! Never mind, it is still nice to get out and about, especially as our Covid restrictions have been lifted a little more :)

    Enjoy the week ahead.
    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  12. The ship's name made me laugh! For a minute when you said it had arrived I thought my Seattle family had some weather earlier that they hadn't told me about )). Our daughter-in-law (one of them) was born in Red Deer so that caught my eye in this older post that I somehow missed before.

  13. As always, John, it's a pleasure to read your blog and see the wonderful photos you post


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