Saturday, September 4, 2021

Real Seattle Hawk

Snaps along my daily walks ...

Cooper's Hawk 

Fascinating to meet Matt and Patti
 attending a Cooper's Hawk
at the waterfront park.

The bird is examined and information is recorded.

A moment before release.

Lift off.

Just after sunrise, waterfront park.

Mt Rainier in the distance.

Baseball stadium across the bay.
AKA T-Mobile Park
W = Win? Washington?

Start of today's walk ... September 4th

Ships ...

The Emancipator.

Installing a Fishing Reef marker ...

Happened upon a
"Fishing Reef marker" being placed.
August 26th about 8AM

Via Google:  Reefs are basically underwater structures,
 mostly created naturally.
More info:

Next day ... Reef marker is in place
 near Grain Terminal 86
August 27th

A couple of Foss tugs passing.

"The Protector"
A Crowley tug/fireboat
More info:

At anchor ... awaiting a terminal for unloading.

Anna's Hummingbirds ...

Green on green!

Female Anna's

Observation: Their eyesight seems incredible
for such tiny eyes.

Note a few red throat feathers ...
this is an immature male.

Beak defect but otherwise seems heathy.

Closer look ... beak defect

For those of you who enjoy critter photos like I do, take a look at Saturday's Critters. Eileen has posted photos from her visits to Bombay Hook NWR in Deleware and Blackwater NWR in Maryland.

Sky watch ...

Nature's spotlights.

Foothills revealed.
The view is west, from Seattle,
 to the Olympic Mountains.

Sun, appearing from thick cloud layer, into
mostly clear sky, created unusual afternoon sky.
September 3rd

After sunset, September 3rd
End of the day ...

A sunset favorite from earlier in 2021
snapped from home.
Closing thought ...
"If I am, then death is not. If Death is, then I am not. Why should I fear that which can only exist when I do not?"


  1. Wonderful post, as usual. I sure do enjoy seeing your activity as well as your skies and birds and... I once went on a trek with someone who does that sort of thing with hawks. I got to hold one (bound) in my hands and feel its rapidly beating heart. :-)

  2. Hello John
    Well my vocabulary was very limited when I was reading through your post here and admiring all of your photographs.

    It was wow, wow, wow, and several more WOWS!

    Seriously, I am just so pleased to be able to enjoy your walks through your wonderful photographs, you certainly have varied sightings.
    Thank you.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a good week ahead.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  3. We fear what is not. It is always best to live in the present. Interesting day with many beautiful photos. It's always a nice visit when clicking onto your blog

  4. It is always fascinating to see these birds of prey up close. They are such beautiful creatures. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well.

  5. I love the variety in the post, the hummer, the hawk, the sea and tugs. Great photos!

  6. Cooper's hawks are interesting little characters. They appear out of no where and are usually enjoying lunch which was caught right there.

  7. Que bellos halcones y fotografías te mando un beso

  8. Hello John,
    It was awesome to see the Cooper's hawk being released. I wonder was the hawk caught to be banded or a rescued bird being released? Lovely views from your walk, I like the shot of Mt. Rainier and all the boats. Awesome photos of the sweet Hummingbirds. Your view of the mountains and sunset are gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy day and a great new week! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  9. Hi JOHN,
    Nice photos of the Hawk- never been so close to such a wild bird. Very interesting post to-day John- lots happening there in Seattle. Spring is here now though Winter has not really finished with us as it is cold in the evenings and freezing at night. Regards. KEV.

  10. The hummingbirds are very special and so hard to photograph for most people. LOVE seeing the ships...I always say that! Wish I was walking with you today. Happy weekend!

  11. Wonderful round up of photos this week John, you were lucky to see the hawk on your walk as well. I see you make good use of the zoom as well and I really love the photos of the humming bird arriving.
    Thanks for the comment on my church explorer blog. There is a subscribe by email link at the top if you want to keep up todate with it

  12. What a beautiful place you have for your morning walks. Must have been great to see the hawk up close like that. Beautiful skies.

  13. The green on green shot is gorgeous. And how interesting to see the people registering the birds in action!

  14. How great that you were able to see that hawk! Not something I see on my walks. Impressive!

  15. Beautiful views of nature. Impressive hawk

  16. Hi John, the name of that book is "Buddhism for Busy People," by David Michie. I'm enjoying it very much.

  17. What gorgeous photos! I would love to see a hawk. They are majestic.


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