Thursday, September 30, 2021

Remember September

This post is probably too long for everyone except me. The truth is I'm spending less time on my computer and more time on other things. However, I'm still accumulating photos that I want organized to enjoy looking back on in times ahead. That's where John's Island comes in. This time snaps are organized into groups: skies, birds, aliens, ships, planes, etc. Most of the snaps are taken along my morning walks, a few from home. Unless otherwise identified all snaps are mine. 


1. Sunrise on the walk, September 16th

2. After sunset glow from home, September 7th

3. After sunset glow, September 7th

4. Crescent moon, September 9th

5. Crescent moon, September 9th

6. Sunrise, September 9th

7. Just before sunrise, September 14th

8. Just before sunrise, September 13th

9. Mt Rainier just after sunrise, September 21st

10. Full moon near moonset, September 21st

11. Full moon near moonset, September 21st

12. After sunset glow, from home, September 21st

13. Colorful Mt Rainier just after sunrise, September 22nd

14. Dusk, looking over the Marina, September 9th

The next 3 photos ... A spectacular sunset on Friday, September 24, had lots of folks sending their pics into the local TV station where they showed up on the evening news. Some of those pics were better than mine and, on the other hand, mine are better than some that made it on the air.  😊

15. Spectacular sunset, 1 of 3, September 24th

16. Spectacular sunset, 2 of 3, September 24th

17. Spectacular sunset, 3 of 3, September 24th


In my previous post (September 4, 2021) I explained the encounter with Matt and Patti at the waterfront park as they were banding a Coopers Hawk. They allowed my photos and were OK with my posting them on the blog. A day or so later I saw Matt again on the walk. He offered to send me a few more pictures that he had taken along the waterfront and he said I could share them here on the blog. What a pleasure to share Matt's excellent photography! Thank you again Matt!

18. The Coopers Hawk just before release. Matt's photo.
This is the hawk featured in my last post - September 4th

19. Patti is about to release the bird after banding. Matt's photo.

Fellow bloggers ... want to see more blogs featuring critters?  Check out Saturday's Critters.

20. Peregrine Falcon along the waterfront. Matt's photo.

21. Taking home breakfast! Matt's photo.

22. Along the walk at the waterfront. Matt's photo.


Imagine, for a moment, being on the walk in early twilight, and seeing a bright green light (as in the photo below) moving around the landscape. What could it be? Why was it there? It was difficult to research on Google as I didn't have much to go on. The first few times I saw the green light I did not see the laser transmitter on top of the building. Finally, on a morning with a bit of fog in the air, I could see the beam of green light flowing from top of the building. (See the photos.) I discovered this laser light is a development of a British company called Bird Control Group. The light will frighten birds and keep them from nesting in the landscaping. The buildings belong to the travel company, Expedia Group. Someday I hope to find out the reason for the lights here.  (more info at




Musical Interlude


26. Ovation of the Seas arriving in port.

27. Glass observation capsule called North Star
 can rise to about 300 feet above water level.

28. The North Star is a one-of-a-kind
experience that takes guests on a  journey high above the sea.
(As the cruise line describes it.)

29. Providing "breathtaking", 360-degree views.  😉

30. Early morning arrival of Ovation of the Seas.

31. National Geographic Venture

32. The Venture stayed for several days.

33. National Geographic Venture at Pier 90.

34. North Start fishing vessel.
(Yet another North Star!)

FAQ Why do I take pictures of ships?
Answer: Because they fascinate me and I love them.

35. Westwood Victoria, container ship, at anchor, awaiting
terminal for unloading.

36. Several freight ships await a spot to unload.
Maybe you are waiting for something in one of those containers?

37. Evergreen departing and a bulk carrier at anchor near
the Marina.

38. Frontier Spirit fishing vessel.

39. Always happy to see the Eagle again!

40. Grain ship arriving to be loaded at Terminal 86.
Foss tugs assisting.

41. One of the West Coast's major grain transfer terminals is
here in Seattle. Trains bring the grain, it's stored in the
 giant silos, and then loaded on
ships for international delivery, usually Asia.

42. A fishing vessel, the Katie Ann, with operational problems, 
brought to Seattle via tug Resolve Pioneer.

43. The Resolve Pioneer operates out of Alaskan waters.
How much does it cost to tow a vessel from Alaska to Seattle?

44. Resolve Pioneer stayed for several days before
returning to Alaska.


45. Nearby Boeing Field sends plenty of planes right
over the waterfront walk.

No, I don't take that many pics of planes. When walking the waterfront you'll be only about 6 miles from the north end of Boeing Field (King County International Airport). Planes are frequent and not that far overhead. When the light is right, I thought, why not take a shot? 😊
46. Planes, ships, trains ... I like 'em!

47. Airborne salute ... Kickoff Seattle Seahawks game.
Seahawks 1st home game for this season.
The stadium, Lumen Field, is close to the waterfront.

48. Lucky capture of one of the two jets in 47 as they returned.

Etc. (Miscellaneous snaps along my walks)

49. Nearing the end of my appx. 2 mile walk.

50. Abandoned sailboat hasn't moved in weeks.
Have heard multiple theories about why it is here.

51. For the clouds.

52. The bicycle path

53. 32' totem pole from Haines, Alaska
crafted by Tlingit Indians in 1975.

54. Totem pole story.

55. From the top: Eagle, Brown Bear, Killer Whale,
Hawk, Grizzly Bear, Strong Boy.

56. On the left ... Football stadium, Lumen Field.
On the right ... Baseball stadium, T Mobile Park.
Just before sunrise.
In the distance: Cascade Mountains

57. T Mobile Park

58. The ONLY rainbow of the summer on the walk.
September 22nd

59. Red sky morning, September 22nd

60. Space Needle, September 22nd

61. Bright, clear sky morning at the waterfront.

62. 2 mile long oil train ... topic of controversy.
As far as I know, it's a twice-a-week event.
Once northbound, once southbound.
I walked up on the pedestrian bridge to snap these pics,
looking north, then south.

63. A ship docked at Pier 91. Note the ship's flag.

64. Three cruise passengers who have figured out how to get
from the ship to downtown FREE. The waterfront trail
will get you there.

65. A cloudy morning but the beauty of the trees still
comes through.

66. After a rainy night.
Morning of September 28th

67. Morning of September 28th

68. September 28th

69. Mt Rainier is about 50 miles away.
The size of that mountain amazes me.
September 29th

70. Last walk in September ... the 30th
Looking across the bay to the sports stadiums and
commercial shipping terminals.

Nature Walks Lift the Spirits, Sharpen Thinking
from October, 2021, newsletter
Mind, Mood, & Memory
Massachusetts General Hospital
Closing thought ...
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein


  1. dear John how can i thank you enough for such magical get away !

    sky images are breathtaking and really poetic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i enjoy your fascination with ships because i have same nature ,i travel less but whenever i do my eyes follow and snap almost everything cross by :)
    i am glad you are enjoying the beautiful days of fall ! more peace to your mind and more glory to your soul!

  2. I love it, John. It is long yes ... but it is so good to share our golden moments.

  3. I looked at this post an listened to Willie. Great combination!

    I especially enjoy the photos of Mt. Rainer. You captured it beautifully, as well as the moon.

    The hawk photos are spectacular. It must have been great to see the bird and talk to the people with it.

    The ships fascinate me too. We get so little ocean traffic here. I envy your busy seaway. I would not want to go in the capsule above that vessel though I am not afraid of heights,

    You have a great place for you walks. Enjoy!

  4. Beautiful photos. Love the red sky!

  5. That was long, Nothing wrong with taking photo on your walk, there is always something to see. As for ships I find them fascinating as well. Great selection of shots

  6. A beautiful set of photos. I love them all, but today the Mt.Rainier shots won my heart. I love that you post that which you enjoy. Isn't that what blogging is all about.Enjoy your walks and keep on posting the photos.

  7. Hello,:=) I also have a long post but it's not as varied or as colourful as Yours. Your sky shots are beautiful, both the sunsets and cloud formations. loved seeing the different ships you see on your walks, and the Totem Pole was an interesting sight. The beautiful Hawk and Osprey captures were a joy to see.

  8. Wow that was a lot of photos! Enjoyed looking at them all. Such a variety!!
    That is quite a tall totem pole!

  9. Hi John, I like the quote at the end of your post. I think that the older we get the more we see that to be true. I wish I could find a walking partner like you, around here. You seem to make each walk an adventure. Keep it up young man!

  10. Hello John,
    Happy October! Awesome collection of photos. Looks like you had a wonderful September with beautiful views of the ships, the gorgeous skies and Mt Rainier. Since I am a bird watcher, I love the photos of the Osprey and the Cooper's Hawk! Great post, take care! Have a happy weekend!

  11. I had to take this one in two separate visits. I did enjoy seeing all your pictures and always like to see your "face" in my news feed, even when you share gobs of photos! :-)

  12. Hello John, stopping back to say thank you for linking up and sharing your post. I keep looking at your # 20 photo, I see you labeled it as an Osprey. It looks different to me, like a Peregrine Falcon? I enjoyed all your photos, the sky images are just gorgeous. Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend. PS, I appreciate your comment on my blog too.

  13. You take some amazing photos! And I couldn't believe what I was seeing with the North Star! I would be so afraid to do that but would love to see that view! WOW! Whoever thought of that!!!

  14. Such fantastic images! So many stunning sky shots, silhouettes, birds in action... Enjoyed going through your maxi post.

  15. certainly live in a photogenic neck of the woods!

  16. The ship photos appeal to me. I'll be on one of the other NatGeo ships in the Pacific Northwest next week if all goes as planned! I love looking at all the various vessels.

    best... mae at

  17. John, It is always a pleasurable delight to read your blog with your wonderful photos and commentary. Thank you for taking the time to put all this together for your blog readers.

  18. Too long? Never. Loved the pictures and the commentaries. You do such good work John. Brother Steve and I need to come and visit you and walk with you and see your world up close and personal. We miss you. Keep up the blog is most appreciated.

  19. Bellas fotografías mis preferidas las de los amaneceres. Te mando un beso

  20. Scrolled through your photos... To pick just one favourite, I love the "Full moon near moonset". Looks like it could be a painting. Or I can imagine it turned into a tapestry as well!

  21. Hi John- you have taken wonderful photos - stunning. I do like the Ships and Mountain pictures. Spring here at present- warm days with cool nights. We are still in Lock Down hoping it will end soon. Cheers. KEV.

  22. Hi John ☺ All of the photos are marvelous. I especially love the photos of Mount Rainier. By the way I completely agree that nature walks lift the spirit. I walk every morning as a part of my self-care routine! Also, of course, the dogs love it!

  23. Oh John, what a beautiful post this is.
    Your photographs, ALL of them are just lovely to see.
    You have given such variety, I have scrolled up and down quite a few times just enjoying them.
    Many thanks for the very apt musical choice too.

    I do hope you are enjoying a pleasant start to October.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan


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