Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year


From my collection ...
A very old postcard (1908) modified for
2022 ... Another burdensome year?

Last day of 2021 ...

One hundred years ago ... from my collection ...

A celebration of Mount Rainier, with seven pages
 of text, the remainder illustrations, both color
 and b/w, from the author's original photographs
 and paintings. Published by A H Barnes, 1911

Hummingbirds ...

My Anna's Hummingbirds entertained me all year.
Our recent cold weather encouraged this little hummer
to perch right above the feeder for a long while.
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Walks ...
I walked the waterfront trail almost every day starting in
early March. I've missed the last 3 days of the year
due to snow and ice on the walkway. Most of my
blog posts in 2021 feature photos snapped on the walks.
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2022 Starts Year #12 for John's Island

Friends and Followers ... Thanks for your visits to John's Island. Best wishes for a Happy New Year 2022!

This is the 9th year I've shared my old music box ... enjoy!


  1. Happy New Year John. I will be looking forward to your posts with great photos and your curiosity about things which make me learn more.

  2. Bellas imagenes. Te mando un abrazo y te deseo un genial año para ti y tu familia.

  3. Happy Year 2022; Jhon
    I wish to see Hummingbirds (never seen before, haha)
    Wishing you & all of your family healthy happy year, from Japan Miyako

  4. Happy New Year John and congrats on your 12th year of blogging and John's Island. I love the music box and the mountain images. Your hummingbird is beautiful, I am glad you have a feeder there to help the sweet bird through the cold winter. You are doing great with your morning walks. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a great day and a happy January! I wish you a happy and healthy New Year! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  5. Happy new year, John. I'm glad I found your blog to add to my reading this year.

  6. The music box is pretty special. What a treasure!

    Thank you for your encouragement of my blog, John. I appreciate it so much.

    Happy New Year!

  7. I always enjoy my visits here and seeing what you see on your walks every day! Here's to another year of walking for both of us! Happy new year my friend!

  8. PS The music box was delightful! What a beautiful way to start the new year. Thank you!

  9. Happy New Year John and may we look forward to seeing more of your photos in 2022

    Happy walking in 2022.

  11. ...John, you indeed live a beautiful party of the country! I have a Regina music box that plays flat disks and the sound is similar to yours. Stay Healthy and Happy in the New Year!

  12. Ah, so nice to see old friends here on the first day of a brand new year. Let's hope it's a good one. I wonder what 1908 brought to the world? Thank you for continuing your blog so that those of us who enjoy seeing your world can know you are safe and well. :-)

  13. !2 years! I think we must have been following each others blogs almost from the start. My blog is almost 16 years old. Keep on sharing those lovely photos.Happy New Year.

  14. Hello John,:=) You live in a beautiful part of the world, and I always enjoy seeing what you photograph on your walks. Over the years, you have collected many beautiful and interesting, not to mention probably valuable pieces of art in it's various forms. I love your music box. I have an antique music box, and love the sound it makes, but it doesn't play Auld Lang Syne, which is so fitting for the time of year. What a treasure the !911 book of text, and illustrations of Mount Rainier must be to you. The painting you share is so very beautiful.Your interest in ships which I know is a passion of yours and your collection of old postcards of all types of ships
    is so interesting. Your interest in all things, is most appealing.
    I hope this new year will bring you good health, and happiness, so you can continue your walks, and sharing your treasures.

  15. Happy New Year, John! I LOVE that old book with the illustrations. What a treasure. I hope yo have a wonderful, blessed 2022. Looking forward with optimism here. Hugs- Diana

  16. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2022.
    Both Eddie and I send our good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  17. Happy New Year John -- And congrats and thanks for 12 years of sharing the beautiful Seattle waterfront and your cogent thoughts. I showed Bill the "Oldometer" which made me laugh -- and we both think we could use one; my blog will turn over to 15 (if I make it to later in this year) but thinking of age-wise, we're above 80. .... My Seattle sister tells me the snow has eased but it is still cold -- I hope you are weathering things and have been able to get out again. Be carfefufl out there though!

  18. Happy New Year, John!

    Oldometer...ha ha...I need one of those.

  19. Wishing you a belated Happy New Years, John. It looks cold there. We had wind chills of minus 27˚F here in WI this morning...whoo hoooo. My little pupster did his 'bizness' in less than a minute and raced back into the house. lol. Praying you have a wonderful 2022.


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